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Game Features
The Game
Inspired by Pokemon, Minecraft and Animal Crossing, the Pixel Pets Network is an independent online pet adoption game focusing on the collection of virtual pets. Along with the Pixpets come a huge amount of collectable objects that can be traded among registered users.

Decorate your house to your heart's content with precious decorative objects or focus on gathering as many different and rare Pixpets as possible! The goal of the game is to expand your house so that you have enough room to give your pets a cozy home.

In order to expand your home, you have to send your Pixpets on hoards to gather new Pixpets eggs and objects which can be sold on the market. Grow plants and pumpkins in your garden and brew potions which you can give to your pets to increase hoard success.

Pixpet is free to play with additional benefits given out to our Patreon supporters.

The Pixpets hatch from eggs and feature a level which ranges from 1 to 100. In order to increase its level, a Pixpet must gain hoard experience through successful hoards. Satisfy your Pixpets' needs and give them potions to increase the success of their hoards. You can also evolve them by giving them delicious evobars, that you need to craft!

The Pixpets are assigned to 16 different color groups. Each individual Pixpet has one assigned color. However, Pixpets can change their color with Evolutions or Devolutions. The color decides over what kind of items a Pixpet can find in its hoards.

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Pixpet Hoards Item Inventory Housing
Recent News
NewsNEW House: Loire Chateau Porte de Bretagne
News Tags: Hew, House, Loire, Chateau

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 995
Pixpets: 55
Pixdex: 18
4 Days ago
May 22nd, 2020 - 8:09 PM
#36502 12
New House!

A new house has been added to Pixpet! The Loire Chateau Porte de Bretagne!

This new house surpasses the Fjordland Villa with 11 House Parts and has space for 8 Pumpkins, 10 Plants and 25 Pixpets! It is available now for PC 100000 on the New House Market.

It is the house with the biggest gardens and features two Garden Houses. It has many rooms for you to decorate!

This house was Illustrated by the amazing @Lorienee and the concept for it was done by @skimbo!! It was inspired by the small castles usually found along the Loire river in France.

Happy saving up for the Loire Chateau Porte de Bretagne!
20 Comments - 369 Views
NewsNew Pixpet: GONK
News Tags: Pixpet, Release, Gonk

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 995
Pixpets: 55
Pixdex: 18
9 Days ago
May 17th, 2020 - 7:43 PM
#36419 18
#51-A Gonk

This brand new Pixpet can now be found on hoards! Gonk is based on a Bearded Dragon and the result Pixpet of the recent Patreon Poll. Thanks to all patrons for voting!

Gonks live in the desert regions of the Pixpet Realm and are pretty chill. They are relatively rare and can only be found by two colors.

Gonks also have a B-Variant that will only be obtainable in the Pixpet Adventure once it is online! Until then, it does not count towards the Pixdex of course.

As usually, new Pixpets are added before the Legendaries in the Pixdex, making their index numbers shift by one. The game features now 55 individual species!

Happy Gonk Hoarding
17 Comments - 447 Views
NewsPatreon Poll Result: New Pixpet Shadow!
News Tags: Patreon, Poll, Bearded, Dragon

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 995
Pixpets: 55
Pixdex: 18
11 Days ago
May 15th, 2020 - 8:19 PM
#36397 17
The Patreon Poll Results are in!

And the winner is....

Hippo: 3%
Hyena: 19%
Rat: 26%
Bearded Dragon: 52%

The Bearded Dragon got more than half the votes! Thanks to all Pixpet Patrons participating. And in fact it is already on the way. This new Pixpet will come this weekend! How will it look like?

51-A ???

Happy Guessing
11 Comments - 352 Views
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