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NewsUpdate Log : December 2022
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Sep 26th, 2018
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1 Month ago
Dec 24th, 2022 - 3:37 PM
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Hi Players!

A Merry Christmas and incoming Happy New Year to you! Figured we'll do this post a lil early so that you can get started on the festivities.

We'll be releasing our first ever Holiday Legendary pixpet along with holiday unique pixpals. (there's also little straggler that will appear year round like the other pixpals)

New furniture has also been released. The tinsel comes in variety of colours as well, for you to spruce up your house with that holiday cheer!
Noo-Long plushies were sponsored by @BK47.

I have to apologize for the delay in the Match3 game, coder ran into some hiccups, but is still toiling away at it. It being the holidays giving him some time off before he gets back to it

The Xmas story for adventure has returned for pets who have not experienced it before. You can start the quest at Pixpet Garden in Pixpet City.
The next part of the adventure mode is in final stages of editing, so we hope to bring that to you soon as well.

Holiday pixpets, pixpals & items will be available for the following 3 weeks.

Take care and see you soon! Happy Holidays!

Thank you as always for your continued support!

(P.S. back is doing much better, I have learnt to invest in a good chair.)

EDIT: After discussion amongst the staff, we've decided to let Vinteralgk become a Seasonal Pixpet instead of a holiday pixpet, so that players don't need to panic over not finding one in these last few days of the xmas event.
(We are intending to introduce pixpets for the 4 seasons alongside pixpets that will be around year long, please look forward to it.)

Xmas event will end on the 19th of Jan
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NewsUpdate Log : November 2022
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Sep 26th, 2018
Posts: 310
Pixpets: 262
Pixdex: 60
1 Month ago
Dec 1st, 2022 - 7:18 PM
#45583 13
Hey Players!

Halloween has come and gone and now we're preparing for the Holiday Season.
We've got things mostly stabilized on the backend now and are progressing with integration of test server features here to the main site.

To tide you over in the meantime, a few tiny new friends have appeared for you to find!

We are hoping to trial a new feature on the site over Christmas week, so please look forward to a surprise (that hopefully doesn't go awry )

p.s. thank you for the well wishes, concern and patience, Cherche's back has been improving, slow, but improving.
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NewsAnnouncement : Forum Imaging
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Sep 26th, 2018
Posts: 310
Pixpets: 262
Pixdex: 60
2 Months ago
Nov 10th, 2022 - 3:38 PM
#45528 8
Hi Players,

This announcement is to inform you that over the next couple of days you MIGHT experience slow down on the site as due to the changes from the server provider, we have to change how the forum imaging works. Don't be alarmed if you notice broken images in the forum over the next couple days as we work to implement a fix.

Essentially, we will have to purge the server of the images that link back to your pixpet as we unfortunately have to purge the folder of the current images (basically too many images and currently being unused and the server provider is not happy about the large number of files used eheh.)

That doesn't mean that we're removing the feature completely. After deliberating for awhile, we have decided to address this with the following method; see the image below. For players interested in still linking back to their pixpets and such, please click the buttons offered to create the respective links that you would like to use for that specific pixpet.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you for your understanding in advance!
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