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Dec 5th, 2017
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Mar 14th, 2019 - 4:28 PMNr. 1 #13184 4
Trading: Unsellable Items

All starter potions (potions you receive for the game start) given out from today are now not sellable anymore. This change has been made to prevent account creation spam and multi accounting.

Trading: Items for Pixpet Tickets

Because the situation was not clear: Trading Items for Pixpet Tickets is now explicitly allowed!

Egg Return Available

Egg return is now available for everyone! The egg return feature can be found in your Pixpet Inventory.

  • Egg Alignment
    A bug has been fixed where Pixpet eggs appeared off center after they have moved away from a stackable item.

  • Auction Timer
    A bug has been fixed where the pixpet auction timer would not update after the snipeguard activation.

  • Pixpet Evolution Links
    Some links on the pixpet evolution page did not work.

  • Pet Evolving
    Evolving a Pixpet that was stacked on a table would not keep the stacked vertical alignment.

Happy Playing!
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