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Apr 13th, 2019
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2 Years ago
Jun 5th, 2019 - 4:17 PM
Nr. 3 #21375 1

Art Medium:
Digital, Mixed, anything is fine as long as I think the art is good

Desired Art Style:
Anthro, Full Colour, I'll try to find examples of art style and include it below Any style is fine

Details & Specifications:
My OC in my profile pic, who is an Eastern dragon medical/vet student. Will send full pic via Discord. Just want to see him drawn by others better than me Bonus point if he's sleeping or doing something medical

Payment Options:
PC. My budget is as high as 1500 5000 or even more. Willing to pay as much as possible for good art since can't afford to pay real money IRL Will probably give you all my PC if the art is high quality

Dragon, Anthro

Additional Information:
Will give Discord handle to communicate and send my original pic if interested, just pm me.
Edit: Found out how to attach images :-p Here's my crude reference to my OC

Wonderful proper reference made by Aternova on Pixpet!

"My OC is a pretty bulky in build Eastern dragon, covered in golden to brown scales. His hair colour resembles those of cherry blossom, covering his head in a messy pile as well as running down his back to the end of his tail. His eyes are dark blue like the night sky. He has a set of horns coming out on top of his head that suspiciously resembles tree branches. His fingers are tipped with sharp draconic claws while his feet are clawed dragon feet.

He can usually be seen wearing violet medical scrub shirt and pants with a labcoat on top of it. In casual setting, he would wear a hoodie with cargo pants.

Being a veterinary student, he's pretty much tired all the time due to the workload"

Links for desired art style, if you have your own style, that's fine, just ignore this I just want some art (First two are FA link since I don't know where else to find references...but I made sure it's SFW):


Arts that I have commissioned:
Wanderer's Signature
Forever Sleepy
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