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Feb 7th, 2018
Posted: Feb 7th, 2018 - 5:51 AM #281
I visited the Dragonadopters shutdown page to relieve some nostalgia.. And boom, there it was. A banner that says ""Check out the new project by the founder of Dragonadopters which is currently under heavy development:"" with the banner and a link. I played Dragonadopters since its beginning to its end, and I really miss it. Flight Rising is fun, but doesn't have the same amount of awesomeness that Dragonadopters did. I even see the emotes here are from Dragonadopters' forums too..

*sigh* I really wanna make a Patreon and donate so we can get this up and running. I miss Dragonadopters, and I'm hoping Pixpet will be just as great!
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