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Dec 5th, 2017
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Because a lot of players had problems with the cooking feature, there have been some changes to improve it! All forms of cooking are now on a single page called Cooking Stations, so you instantly see what type of cooking you're doing at the moment.

Following changes were made:

  • Recipe Showing
    Recipes are now shown on the bottom of the cooking pages for easy access! The Recipe Book has been renamed to Recipe Collection and acts as overview for all recipes which you followed already.

  • Recipe Failing
    Failing recipes is not possible anymore! If you try to cook with the wrong ingredients, the game will give you an error message now.

  • Aborting
    Aborting the cooking process no longer deletes the ingredients. Also there is a confirmation dialogue for aborting now.

  • Ingredient Amount
    It is not possible anymore to add too many ingredients of the same kind of item. If you put more ingredients than the recipe demands, an error message will pop up.

I hope those improvements make dealing with recipes easyer and the game more fun!

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