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Jan 2nd, 2019
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Jan 11th, 2019 - 9:07 PMNr. 1 #5115 2

Hello everyone my name is Christina and welcome to my store
As I'm not very good at pricing I prefer to do "pay with you want"

I Will Draw
I will draw pokemons, dragons, digimons,minecraft,MLP, Pixpets
I will draw official characters & fan characters

I Will NOT Draw
Porn/Hentai/Yuri/Sexual stuff /yaoi .
I don't draw Complicated characters :/ Hope you understand, humans (i suck in humans heads,

i can do this

i working in that heights in PX
32x 32 PX
50x 50 PX
100x 100PX

Voxel art get 3d spin animation FREE

How do you make these animated pictures?
After effect

Clip Studio ex - Photoshop - After effect

Can teach me?

Favorite pixpet?

hey @Dastercreations I want (here you comment want you want)
Pose and expresion
offer( here you put the offer)

Contact me
Discord: DasterCreations#9088
Tumblr: endermanalbino
FlighRising: Daster
dastercreations's Signature

Christina/ 30 years/ Argentina
Artist / Gamer
Discord: DasterCreations#9088
Tumblr: endermanalbino
FlighRising: Daster
art Shop

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