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Dec 5th, 2017
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Sep 30th, 2018 - 6:38 PMReportNr. 1 #884
In order to drive the game forward and test out all features, I'm introducing BETA Test Rewards!

The first three new test rewards are related to Pixcoins.
They will be given out in the beginning of October depending on your Tier:

Tier 1: + 300 Pixcoins

Tier 2: + 500 Pixcoins

Tier 3: + 1000 Pixcoins

The new rewards have already been added to your rewards stack which can be accessed via Game Menu ->Patreon (Red Button)

Important: Since they are test rewards, the earned pixcoins will NOT carry over when the game opens to public. The game will be reset once the beta finishes.

Have Fun Playing!
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