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NewsCrack The Egg Code News and Updates (6 Posts and 228 Views)
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Dec 1st, 2018
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Crack The Egg Code News and Updates

Hello everyone.

I have some event news and new updates to give to you.

Firstly, I hope everyone has been having fun joining in the current event, Race to Level 100, which is being hosted by Takkju? You may have noticed that for the event Takkju has borrowed the Pixpetevent account, and all the pixpets that we hatched during the first Crack The Egg Code event are now currently racing to get to level 100. I would like to wish everyone who has entered into the current event good luck.

In the meantime, the Crack The Egg Code event has been delayed so that the Race to Level 100 can make full use of the Pixpets that we hatched.

This extra time between events has been put to good use, which brings me to the next part of my news - we have an exciting new update – the new “Cracked the egg code!” badge is here!

This badge is exclusive and will be given out to the winner of each Crack The Egg Code event.

A third stage will also be added, more details of which will be revealed during the next event. The third stage, which will be the final one, will ensure that there is only one winner of the first prize.

But do not worry, if you make it to the third stage, and post what is requested of you to acknowledge your entry, you will still pick up a prize, even if you do not win first place.

Finally, my last piece of news.

At the end of the last event, I posted a link for you to vote which egg that you would like to see in the next Crack The Egg Code. We had a total of 66 responses and the majority of you just could not resist the beautiful Albino Xeldron egg.

Therefore I can confirm the first prizes for our next event:

Albino Xeldron egg & exclusive “Cracked the egg code!” badge

Runner up prizes tbc (for those of you who make it to, and enter the final stage)

I look forward to you all joining me.

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Jan 30th, 2019
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oh man, i'll have to play until getting that badge :D rng be kind lmao
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Feb 24th, 2019
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3 Months agoNr. 3 #13907
So the event isn't running yet, but this is what the main prize will be?
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Dec 1st, 2018
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Quote by: @Ghostybees
So the event isn't running yet, but this is what the main prize will be?

The event will start after the Race to Level 100 finishes, as I will need the Pixpetevent account to host the eggs.

The Albino Xeldron egg was chosen by vote as the main prize for the next event, and the badge is Komodo’s addition XD
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Dec 26th, 2018
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3 Months agoNr. 5 #13931
Ooooo I'm so excited about that badge!
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Apr 6th, 2018
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I really like the badge, but mods can't enter events, so I made a joke version of it for mods (which they all win automatically! yay! )

(Again, just a joke, I'm not actually butthurt about it!)
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