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Pixpet Noo-Long Public Reveal! (2 Posts and 204 Views)
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Dec 5th, 2017
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Jul 4th, 2018 - 8:05 PMNr. 1 #450
It's time to publicly reveal another Pixpet. It is the second of three "legendary" Pixpets and obviously based on an eastern dragon! Noo-Long is quite a heavy fellow, but can lift even the heaviest items in game. Guess three times what the source of his name is.

Patrons of the highest tier will receive him for the start of the game as defined in our reward tiers! Thank you for your support!

Meanwhile creation of ingame items is going well, there are now over 100 individual items already and the number keeps increasing! More about them in a later news post.

Early Adopter

Mar 18th, 2018
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Jul 12th, 2018 - 3:29 AMNr. 2 #457
*whispers* Noo-Long means "Long Noodle Dragon". I'm super excited to see one of my favorite dragon types coming to this game ^-^ Best of luck developing the game Komodo!
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