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Pixpet FAQ Question Collection (4 Posts and 82 Views) (Sticky)
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Dec 5th, 2017
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4 Months ago
Aug 12th, 2019 - 7:29 PM
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It is time to build a proper FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page around the Pixpet Game! It can be found here: Pixpet FAQ

When you started playing Pixpet, what feature or process was difficult to understand for you? What were common misconceptions while playing for you? With the FAQ you can help new players to get faster into the game!

Please post your meaningful FAQ question and answer in this thread and it may be added to the FAQ!


Does the Pixpet color has influence on it's appearance?
No, all Pixpets of the same species and variation have the same appearance.

(Feel free to add multiple questions!)
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Feb 12th, 2018
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4 Months ago
Aug 12th, 2019 - 8:03 PM
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How do growth fertilizers work?
Growth fertilizers work by decreasing/increasing the growth per stage not growth per hour.
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Aug 13th, 2018
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4 Months ago
Aug 13th, 2019 - 2:30 AM
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I'm not sure if the tutorial goes into this at all, but this would've helped me early on:

I bought a new house! Now, how do I move in?
To move houses you must first remove everything from your current house.
  • Pixpets must have returned from hoards and be fully rested in order to be removed.

  • All decorative items, including wall and floor skins, must be returned to your inventory.

  • Plants must be returned to inventory, or destroyed and the plant pots returned to inventory.

  • All pumpkin slots must be empty.

  • After everything is removed, go to Housing > My Houses, select the vacant house, and click Move into this House.
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    Jan 30th, 2019
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    3 Months ago
    Aug 19th, 2019 - 2:10 AM
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    How long does a hoard take?
    The duration of a hoard and resting time depends on the level of the pixpet when it starts on the hoard.
    A hoard takes LVL/3 hours, except a pixpet's first hoard (level 0) will take 20 minutes, as though it were level 1. A level 100 pixpet will take 33h20m.
    The resting time is approximately 0.036*LVL^2+3.5*LVL+2.7 minutes. A hoard started at level 0 will require about 3 minutes of resting time. A hoard started at level 100 will require about 12 hours of resting time.

    (the countdowns are nice but I wanted to be able to plan ahead)

    How much food does a hoard take?
    The food required to send a pixpet on a hoard depends on the level and weight capacity of the pixpet. Generally it will take 5 food per level, plus the average of its WU, though there are some exceptions. You can see the amount of food a particular pet requires at its current level by looking at its Hoarding Status when it is placed and done resting.

    How do I get more Pixcoins?
    Pixcoins can be found on hoards, by selling pixpet eggs and items back to the server, or by auctioning/selling them to other players.
    Higher level pixpets, evolved pixpets, and legendary pixpets find more pixcoins on hoards.
    As you progress in the game, you will be able to send more pixpets on hoards and they will bring back more and rarer items and eggs, so you will earn more pixcoins.

    What's the point of Average Grades?
    Average Grades can be used to combine stacks of the same item, for use in cooking or to save inventory space. Also, if you have enough high-grade items, it can be use to raise lower-grade items. For example, 10x grade 50 and 1x grade 45 will average to 11x grade 50.

    What are the effects of LVL?
    The level of a pixpet affects how many items it can find on hoards, and the grade of the items it finds. It also limits the effective SLVL. Higher LVL pixpets require more food, and have longer hoarding and resting times.

    (When I first started, it kind of seemed like increasing LVL was actually a bad thing. But hoarding has been overhauled since then so maybe the benefits of higher LVL are now more obvious to new players.)
    What are the effects of SLVL?
    The SLVL of a pixpet affects how many items it can find on hoards, and the stack size of the items.

    What are the effects of Lifting capacity?
    A pixpet can find Decorative Items that are within its lifting capacity. Other items and pixpet eggs are not affected. A pixpet with high lifting capacity cannot find low-weight items.

    What are the effects of color?
    Capsules and Pumpkin Seeds will be the same color as the pixpet that found them (except for Neutral Capsules which can be found by any pixpet). A pixpet can only find eggs that have a chance of being the same color. It can only use potions in its color. The color does not affect the finding of other items, such as potion ingredients.

    (in general I think the WU and color things are a little hard to figure out. Partly I think we sometimes call anything that comes out of a capsule a "decorative item", even though they are not all in the "Decorative Item" category. There's a lot of different item types that are found on hoards, and WU/color only apply to some of them so it's confusing at first.)

    How do I change my profile and signature?
    You can change your profile by going to pixpet.net/game.php?section=customisation, the link is found under Game->User->Customisation
    Your signature can be changed at pixpet.net/forum.php?section=forum_profile, the link is found under Forum & Help->Forum->Profile

    What are capsules?
    Capsules can be opened to get items for your house. This includes Decorative Items, Wall Covers/Skins, Ground Covers/Skins, and Plant Pots.

    (this probably sounds dumb but it took me a while to find the capsules in my inventory and even longer to actually try opening one, and I kept wondering why I never found any decorative items)
    How do I get plant pots?
    Most plant pots come from Neutral Capsules which can be found on hoards. More rarely, they can be found in capsules of any color.
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