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NewsItalian Villa + New Items! (16 Posts and 669 Views) (Closed)

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 995
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7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 7:31 PM
Nr. 1 #30729 13
7 New Individual Items!

7 new commissioned items have been added to the game just now! They have been commissioned by @Mew @Minaline @hunter-z @Dreamcrystal @Sherrice @Kookaburra and @Rackiera and were illustrated by @MahuruRaji @Lorienee and @Prince

Among the items is a beautiful Altudrax Hedge and Arcade Machine, both illustrated by @Prince. If you click on the Arcade Machine in your house, it takes you directly to the Sunobra Chase minigame. However, it is a legendary item and very difficult to find.



New Commission Sports!

7 Commissions Spots are open again which you can use to commission new items! Item Commission Request

New House!

A new house has been added! The Italian Villa!

It is the biggest house in the game and features 7 House Parts. It has space for 6 Pumpkins, 10 Plants and 17 Pixpets. 50 Units are available now for PC 25200 on the New House Market

Big thanks to @Lorienee which illustrated this amazing new addition to the game!

Additionally, the European Lakeside House, Two Story House and Renovated Farmhouse received +30 new stock!

Happy Saving Up for the Italian Villa ;)
Early Adopter

Dec 21st, 2017
Posts: 26
Pixpets: 63
Pixdex: 52
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 7:36 PM
Nr. 2 #30730
Oh goodness they all look wonderful! I can't wait to see how people use them in game <3
Patreon Supporter
Forum Moderator

Jan 30th, 2019
Posts: 699
Pixpets: 272
Pixdex: 59
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 7:36 PM
Nr. 3 #30731
what a beautiful new house good update
Kookaburra's Signature
Patreon Supporter

Sep 21st, 2018
Posts: 64
Pixpets: 237
Pixdex: 59
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 7:43 PM
Nr. 4 #30733
Wooo! My arcade machine has finally arrived! The other commissioned items are looking astonishing as well
I'd buy the new house, but I have no inventory space to move. Sadlife
Minaline's Signature

Sep 18th, 2019
Posts: 26
Pixpets: 26
Pixdex: 11
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 7:54 PM
Nr. 5 #30738
Welp I'm far too poor for any of this. Here's hoping I get a new item and auction it off for thousands.
Game Moderator

Dec 1st, 2018
Posts: 579
Pixpets: 233
Pixdex: 59
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 8:03 PM
Nr. 6 #30749
That crazing pathing looks so cool. I’m wandering if it’s for indoor or out?
Wayvern's Signature


Aug 2nd, 2019
Posts: 76
Pixpets: 225
Pixdex: 58
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 8:15 PM
Nr. 7 #30753
I had the feeling that a new house was arriving soon.. the villa is just awesome!!! :3
I've already grabbed one for myself since they will probably be sold out in a few moments..

Jan 29th, 2019
Posts: 27
Pixpets: 186
Pixdex: 53
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 8:31 PM
Nr. 8 #30754
Those new items are fantastic! I'm loving the variety we've been getting from commissioned items.

The new house looks fantastic! The slots aren't worth it for me, but those looks just might be.

Jun 1st, 2019
Posts: 280
Pixpets: 19
Pixdex: 35
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 9:27 PM
Nr. 9 #30774
Tickle my fancy, what's next? A Castle?
Ricohard's Signature

Dec 24th, 2018
Posts: 139
Pixpets: 63
Pixdex: 59
7 Months ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 11:40 PM
Nr. 10 #30812
New house, neat! Since I had a lot of pixcoins on me, I bought it in case I ever want to move into it. I do like my current house, though...
Maple's Signature
Early Adopter

Jan 13th, 2018
Posts: 141
Pixpets: 123
Pixdex: 56
7 Months ago
Oct 22nd, 2019 - 12:17 AM
Nr. 11 #30817
That dreamcatcher is just lovely and the new house looks useful! I’m kinda close to that amount of PC... maybe. I’ll think about it, maybe when I’m ready to upgrade ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯
Early Adopter

Mar 16th, 2018
Posts: 164
Pixpets: 217
Pixdex: 57
7 Months ago
Oct 22nd, 2019 - 1:48 AM
Nr. 12 #30833
Oh... My... Gosh... I LOVE THIS NEW HOUSE! It's absolutely stunning! I'm seriously thinking about deleting half my inventory just so I can move in right away! Thank you Komodo and Lorienee!

Jun 1st, 2019
Posts: 280
Pixpets: 19
Pixdex: 35
7 Months ago
Oct 22nd, 2019 - 5:27 AM
Nr. 13 #30841
If anyone is moving sell me your mansion
Ricohard's Signature

Dec 26th, 2018
Posts: 322
Pixpets: 219
Pixdex: 56
7 Months ago
Oct 22nd, 2019 - 8:29 AM
Nr. 14 #30847
Love that arcade machine!
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Feb 20th, 2019
Posts: 10
Pixpets: 50
Pixdex: 47
7 Months ago
Oct 22nd, 2019 - 9:05 AM
Nr. 15 #30849
Looks like I'll be among the hopefuls for that floor console and that dreamcatcher :"D! !
Early Adopter

Jan 21st, 2018
Posts: 184
Pixpets: 19
Pixdex: 34
7 Months ago
Oct 22nd, 2019 - 1:01 PM
Nr. 16 #30855
These look awesome!
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