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How to Manage your Inventory (3 Posts and 276 Views)
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Aug 19th, 2019
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1 Year ago
Oct 23rd, 2019 - 6:51 PM
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Thanks to the inventory space update, it should now be a lot harder to run out of space in your inventory. However, we all still want to keep it neat. And new items keep being added! So instead of being a "how to not get stuck on a full inventory" guide, this is instead a list of pointers on how to keep it all tidy and stay on top of what you have.

This is not meant to be a step-by-step guide; this simply lists everything you can do to make your inventory neater.

How the inventory works

Every item that is not a Pixpet egg will go in your inventory. There are different types of items: those that have grades (potions/evobars, some cooking ingredients, seeds & pumpkin/plant products) and those that don't (decorative items/capsules, fertilizers, basic/special ingredients).

One stack of items takes up one space in your inventory; items that feature a grade will form separate stacks based on grade (ex. a g45 item will stack up with another g45 item of the same type), decorative items can not be stacked, and anything else will, by default, stack until x99, after which a new stack of the same item will be created.

Your inventory can go over its capacity if it's full (or becomes full) when you win an auction on the market, clear a room using the "clear house parts" mechanic, or receive items through the site commission system. Otherwise you will not be able to receive any more items into your inventory.

How to actually manage all that stuff

Of course, this is one of the most obvious inventory clearing methods. Selecting the "sellback" option in your inventory will make it possible for you to insta-sell items and delete them permanently for a bit of PC.

When it comes to what you should sell or what you should hold on to, you can hover on the (i) icon that every item has and it'll tell if it's used in a cooking recipe. Wiki is also your friend, and it might also come down to just how desperate you are to get rid of something. Here is a brief run-down on what's good to keep in mind:

Decorative items: this is a tricky one that you might want to ask other players about, since even some fairly common deco can be desirable to many, while some very rare deco is almost never sought after.

Seeds: Sell back any you won't use, with the exception of Pumpkin, Tricolor, Evolvulus and Lucid Evolvulus seeds. Be sure to also read over the next section in this guide for seed managing.

Cooking ingredients: for ingredients featuring a grade, anything with a lower-ish grade you can sell back, usually with the exception of liquid pearl and liquid diamond. For special ingredients, the most valuable ones are Jade Beads, Black Mushrooms and White Dragon Scales. As for the rest of the special ingredients, selling them back for organizational purposes is fine, since if you do end up needing something, usershop search will easily let you find cheap deals.

Fertilizers: You decide what you need/want to use but the ones generally worth keeping most are pumpkin fruit increase, pumpkin max fruits and plant double&quadruple harvest fertilizers.

Potions, super potions, evobars: not usually the subject of sellback due to being useful and more difficult to obtain. If an evobar's or evo potion's grade is too low for the pet, you can use them to make reverse evobars and unlock the recipes for them, which counts towards a badge if that's your thing.

Pumpkin products: use for food pellets if you need to get rid of them quickly instead of sellback. You can convert all three products (flowers, sprouts, full grown pumpkins) into pellets.

Usershop? Thanks to the usershop search, it's a lot faster now to sell things through there! While there are items that will probably not sell very fast even if you list them at 1pc, others might swiftly get you a good 10pc or more. It's always a good idea to look into it.

Combine seeds/average grade
Some of the best ways of freeing up some space without getting rid of anything are those two features. They apply to items that feature grades specifically.

For plant and pumpkin seeds, under the "cultivation" tab, you can go into the seed combining section. Combining seeds of the same type will add up their grades and put them in the same stack. Grade won't go beyond 100, however, so if there is any leftover grade, it will remain as a single separate packet of seeds. Keep in mind that by doing this, you lose single units of seeds, so don't do this to seeds you won't use if you want to make more PC out of sellback.

For the rest, from under the "items" tab go to the "average grades" section. There, you can average different grades of the same item to compile them all into one stack. That is not quite the same as combining seeds; instead of adding up the grade until it reaches 100, the numbers are averaged instead, so don't average a low grade and a high grade item if you want it to keep its high grade (in fact, it's probably a good idea to read an averaging guide if you don't want to screw up). Also, unlike with seeds, the amount of single units you have will not decrease.

Your house can be storage
If you are wondering what to do with that basement/attic in your house, where no pixpet is allowed to step foot, you can place any item you own on vacant tiles in there. Everything is placeable, deco or not! That removes the items from your inventory while letting you keep them. It's best to do that with items you only have 1-2 of, as you can't place down a stack of more than one item on just one tile. Oh, and did I mention that non-deco can be placed on tables and other stackables?

If you want to move, but your inventory does not have enough space to take everything back one by one, then worry not, the house part clearing mechanic will clear your rooms and overload your inventory so that you can simply place it all back into your new house afterwards.

Other ways of storing
Item storage boxes, which you can buy from the PPT balance page, are always an option; although they do cost PPT which are hard to get without real money, if the option is available to you it's a good idea to make use of it. Each item storage box can hold 16 items of any type, and you can buy as many as you want. If you want to store items in your boxes, you can do so in item storage under the "items" tab. Using boxes is a very good way to organize things like collections!

Cooking stations can also prove useful; if you are in desperate need of just a few extra slots, an empty kitchen has 12 spaces total for you to utilize. Each station features 4 ingredient slots to which you can add any item (including stacks!) besides deco, without having to match a recipe. You can keep them in there for as long as you'd like without them taking up inventory space, but you will not be able to use them until you take them back.

The usershop and item market have 5 slots each that you can add any item to, including stacks. Making the price tags ridiculously high will ensure no one will snag your belongings while you are sorting your inventory out.

Personal trading also allows up to 5 pending trades. If someone agrees to help you out, you can store any items, including stacks, in pending trades. Make sure the trades don't get declined while your inventory is still full, or the items will be destroyed.

Pixpets can hold up to three different, singular potions of the same color as the pet (or neutral, so works for evo potions as well), which you can take back whenever if you don't send them on hoard.

Buy more inventory space
In that unlikely situation where you've tried everything but still it seems like you just have too much stuff you don't want to part with, the best solution might just be buying more slots. You can add 50 slots at a time to your inventory from your pixcoin balance page by spending pixcoins, so even just one purchase should get you more than enough space in most cases, as well as last you a while. The price will double with every purchase you make, but by the time you reach a very unrealistic price, your inventory space should last you a lifetime.
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Jan 30th, 2018
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1 Year ago
Jan 9th, 2020 - 8:52 AM
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Quote by: @Lorienee
One stack of items takes up one space in your inventory; items that feature a grade will form separate stacks based on grade, decorative items can not be stacked, and anything else will, by default, stack until x99, after which a new stack of the same item will be created.

I think it's important to expand on this a little for the new players:

1. Materials without a grade that stack in your inventory do not take up extra spaces. For example, 99 Black Mushrooms only count as 1 item towards your inventory maximum. However, 99 is the maximum stack. If you have 119 Black Mushrooms, they will count as 2 items towards the inventory maximum because you will have one stack of 99 and second stack of 20.

2. Stackable materials WITH a grade will only count towards your inventory maximum if they are different grades. For example, 1x Liquid Aquamarine grade 90 and 1x Liquid Aquamarine grade 89 will count two items towards your inventory maximum. However, 2x Liquid Aquamarine grade 90 only counts as one item towards your inventory maximum. The same is true for seeds. Unless the seed is very rare, combine all of them to grade 100 and sell the one leftover seed.

3. Some specific materials only have one use. For example, all of the base items that are refined into powder and then into salt should only be done so when needed. If you have an Igucite Crystal, Igucite Powder, and Igucite Salt Block, you're using 3 inventory spaces to store, effectively, one item. Keep the base items only, and try not to store their refined counterparts unless you have the space to do it and know you're going to be using the material soon. As another example, if you're making a lot of evolution potions, you can refine Evolution Fruit into Evolution Fruit Juice while you wait for the first potion to finish, but I wouldn't recommend keeping a storage of Evolution Fruit Juice when you aren't making potions. Save room for other things! This also implies that you shouldn't buy basic ingredients until you're going to use them.

Otherwise, very nice!
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Aug 19th, 2019
Posts: 170
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1 Year ago
Feb 14th, 2020 - 10:56 PM
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I updated this guide a bit to reflect recent changes! With the inventory situation made a lot less frustrating, it probably won't be as necessary to read a guide on how to save space, but for those of us who like to keep things organized, it might still be useful :D
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