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NewsLooking for new Forum Moderators! (5 Posts and 317 Views)
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Jan 15th, 2018
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19 Days ago
Nov 23rd, 2019 - 11:26 AM
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After a short period of waiting, the next position will come available to you!
This time, however, we will look for new forum moderators, to help us, well, moderating the forums

You need to be:
  • actively using the forums in it's important areas (that excludes for example the Forum Games board),

  • a positive example within the forums,

  • be neutral and understanding towards other people.

In addition, one of our current mods, @BK47, made an overview of the position quite a while ago. If you want to apply, you should also read it since it contains useful information about what you have to do except, obviously, moderating the forums:

As a forum moderator, you have an important role in creating a positive staff presence on the site and setting an example for the community.

What does this mean?

  • Helping players understand and enjoy the game. We don’t just mean answering questions in Site Help, but also clearing up misunderstandings wherever they arise in the forums, and addressing concerns with sensitivity and understanding. Which leads to the next point…

  • Paying attention. We understand that our forum mods have jobs and/or school outside of Pixpet, and need to sleep and eat...but we also understand that they chose to donate their time here, and this entails making a reasonable effort to check the forums whenever they can, and help however they can. Unless you’re a new mod in training, you shouldn’t wait for other mods to tell you what needs to be done. Check the forums yourself. Read every new post and gallery comment. Take action where applicable, and alert other mods of your actions via the report system and/or Discord. It’s okay to ask other mods for their opinions when you aren’t sure what action is needed for a particular situation. This still shows that you’re actively monitoring the forums.

  • Keeping the forums clean and organized. While this is rarely urgent, it’s still part of the position, and should be done periodically. Look for duplicate threads. Look for threads that are in the wrong place. Close and/or archive old threads (consult the forum mod guidelines for this). Inform players of any action you’re taking with their threads or posts, and give a reason. In other words, be a good roommate and do your chores!

  • Treating players with compassion, especially when disciplining them. If you have empathy, then it’s safe to assume that disciplining others is your least favorite thing to do, because you know that most people aren’t trying to start a riot! For first-time rulebreakers, a warning should be more like a gentle reminder of the rules. We want them to know that we believe they didn’t mean any harm. Of course, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter repeat offenders and blatant trolls occasionally. With those people, you don’t have to be a saint, but it’s still advantageous to treat them in a neutral and non-condescending way, so that they can’t justify any rudeness or hostility towards you. Also keep in mind that the site’s reputation is on the line, so we don’t want to give cause for someone to write a review that contains something like “The staff member I spoke to was very rude/cold/indifferent…”

And... as always, you can apply by simply clicking here and filling out this form.

Applications will be closed when the staff has deemed there’s been enough applications to go through the selection process. A post will be made to notify when this happens.
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No, you are not allowed to do this! And no, don't even ask me if you are allowed to do this!

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Apr 6th, 2018
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19 Days ago
Nov 23rd, 2019 - 11:37 AM
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F  R  E  S  H    M  E  A  T

Good luck to all applicants!
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Jan 3rd, 2019
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19 Days ago
Nov 23rd, 2019 - 9:10 PM
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oh my gosh, BK...

I wanted to pop in and say good luck to all potential applicants! I can’t wait to meet our new forum mods!
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Jan 3rd, 2019
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12 Days ago
Nov 30th, 2019 - 8:11 PM
Nr. 4 #32570 1
Forum moderator applications have been opened for an extended period. We have also broadened what we are looking for, and are now looking for an active moderator in any timezone.

Dec 26th, 2018
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11 Days ago
Dec 2nd, 2019 - 6:28 AM
Nr. 5 #32635 1
Good luck to the applicants!
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