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Design A Wallpaper & Ground Set (Mar 2022) (7 Posts and 152 Views) (Closed) (Sticky)
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Sep 26th, 2018
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2 Months ago
Mar 15th, 2022 - 5:35 PM
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Design Design A Wallpaper & Ground Set


The Rules are fairly straight forward.

- Design A Wallpaper & Ground Set.

Please submit your designs here in this thread. Come up with a design for your dream wallpapers, go nuts and most of all HAVE FUN.

You do not need to be good at art, just have fun expressing yourself and your idea.
You do not need to pixelate your designs as this is merely conceptual.
Do describe your idea clearly if you're unable to draw it out to give us a better idea of what you're trying to convey. Try simple doodles.

-Anyone can participate (except judges)
-No entering traced or stolen art
-All art must be created by yourself, no using F2U or P2U bases
-Entries will be vetted for plagiarism during judging phase, will be disqualified if found to be doing so.
-No use of downloaded textures or clipart
-You may submit more than 1 design, but will only be awarded for 1 if you win.
-Scoring is not weighted on how well you draw, your ideas is where it's at.
-Disclaimer: Please be aware that by entering the contest that the final product is property of pixpet.net. You will however be credited for your creation should you win.
-Please note that while you can participate in both contests, you will not win twice so as to give other players a chance at obtaining a patch as well.

Entries submitted to the wrong place will not be valid.
Late entries wil not be entertained.

Submission End Date (we're making sure you have the weekend this time)
17th April 2022, 11:59PM, EST (UTC-5)
24th April 2022, 11:59PM, EST (UTC-5)

Judging Period will be inhouse amongst staff for about a week at most.
Winners will be announced in news & contacted privately as well to arrange for shipping.

Prizes are as follows (All winners will receive a badge)
Winner : Patch + 150 PPT + 15,000 PC (value $30), Items will be redrawn by site artist and become an official design.
Runner Up : Patch + 70 PPT + 5,000 PC (value $20)
3rd Place: Patch + 30 PPT + 2,500PC (value $15)
Early Adopter

Dec 28th, 2017
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2 Months ago
Mar 16th, 2022 - 7:12 PM
Nr. 2 #44143 3
My main idea is creating houses themed around certain Pixpet species. I thought it would be cool to make something based on one of my favorite Pixpets as an first example, so, i used Draook, and i always wanted to see houses themed around certain Pixpets, especially those little shy ghosts.

Draook Sacred Forest - Wallpaper & Ground Set

I made both outdoor and inside house versions (notice in outside version, fence similar to draook helmet)

I got inspiration from Art Nouveau style and at the same time tried to remain simple and elegant, using simple curves to represent trees and that kind of Draook related stuff.

I used the same color pallet of Draook, to maintain attached to the pixpet is based on, but other colors will look good too, or even better, maybe? it would be interesting to also have a version 2 with the Vivid colors or references to places in pixpet realm related to the pixpet itself, just like the The Mana Falls or Barrow Woods in case of Draook

Im not the best artist around but i had so much fun doing this and i hope you guys like it!

Small edit done to see it better.
Notice i cleaned the inside house ground to make less contrast with wall and items.
My idea for the tiles are for the symbols being more small, centralized and less contrasted.

With other pixpets, it would be cool to follow a pattern like this one for the tiles and walls, or even something more creative and beautiful... Who knows?

Keywords for more ideas and inspiration:
Walls with rocks of colorfull minerals for Techtagon or is evolutions.
Night sky with will-o'-the-wisp for Kinflame.
Winter themed set for Snowko with him flying around the wall and centralized snowflakes for the tiles in ground.
Shiny stars for Pandstar.

Jan 25th, 2019
Posts: 565
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Pixdex: 74
2 Months ago
Mar 18th, 2022 - 5:35 PM
Nr. 3 #44167 3

Aquarium Flooring and Wall
The 2 would have different coloured water, like one is darker, one is lighter in colour.
icearashi's Signature

Apr 28th, 2020
Posts: 165
Pixpets: 93
Pixdex: 42
2 Months ago
Mar 18th, 2022 - 10:11 PM
Nr. 4 #44168 2

kinder wall/floor set!
i feel like theres a lack of kidcore stuff so here we are! (also this was kinda lazy pixal art plz nu judge .^.)

Nov 23rd, 2021
Posts: 20
Pixpets: 48
Pixdex: 55
1 Month ago
Apr 1st, 2022 - 2:00 PM
Nr. 5 #44344 2
Coral Reef Wallpaper and Sea Surface Carpet/Flooring

Just some simple ocean themed pair with a focus on coral and sea life! The carpet is a tad darker for contrast

Aug 25th, 2019
Posts: 110
Pixpets: 146
Pixdex: 138
1 Month ago
Apr 24th, 2022 - 6:32 PM
Nr. 6 #44585 2

For the wall it would be a mosaic of fossil plaques, some with fish fossils, turtle fossils, stingrays and aquatic plants, maybe even some shrimps or crabs. The positions can be mixed up randomly, whatever would work best to they don't overlap too much. Some plaques will be bigger (stingray plaque for example) vs. shrimp plaque (for another example). It's technically a puzzle of former aquatic life that is turned into an artistic composition for an eccentric wall decoration. There can be added a small wooden lower portion to the wall with it (optional, as the main concept may take some space already).
The floor is just a bunch of animal footprints, maybe a bigger animal with a baby walking alongside it. Some bird jumps visible too and some plants like palm fronds, ferns, ginkgo biloba leaves, etc that would be found near bodies of water. This paints a paleontological picture of the life above the water fauna in the wallpaper part.

Sep 26th, 2018
Posts: 255
Pixpets: 262
Pixdex: 60
1 Month ago
Apr 25th, 2022 - 6:06 AM
Nr. 7 #44591
Thank you for participating, entry period is now closed. We'll announce the winners with the next news update :)
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