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I need 8000 pc to buy the house that I want, which way is the best way to reach that goal? (5 Posts and 61 Views)
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Dec 17th, 2018
Posts: 227
Pixpets: 60
Pixdex: 74
1 Month ago
Aug 7th, 2022 - 5:35 AM
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I'm so close, I'm so close to buy the century urban villa! Only 8000 pc left!
Is there a way to gather this money in a day or two? Probably not, but if there is, please someone teach me?
I'm too dumb to play sudoku. I tried, always got stuck.

Thanks guys!
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Dec 24th, 2018
Posts: 73
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1 Month ago
Aug 7th, 2022 - 12:53 PM
Nr. 2 #45147 1

- The easiest way to make the pixcoins would be to farm the low level pixpets(the vivid mobath egg tutorial event is the best for this) in adventure mode though it will take a high level pixpet to farm the pixcoins to be able to get grade 10 egg potions in large bulk but can be done on lower level pixpets but will be slower. Then you just export the vivid pixpet eggs out of adventure mode to sell back to the server for 50 pc each(All vivid pixpets have a server sell back value of 50 PC). With adventure mode there are also items you can farm like the chicken raptor plush and bloomfer pot(once per pixpet adventure) as well as buying out the ingredient shop in pixpet city(once per day per adventure mode pixpet).

- The next way would be playing shinko and the jade bead on extreme mode 5 times a day for that extra profit. It is fast, easy and stress free pixcoins.

- Another profit making way would be to run pet hoards each day which won't always net a lot of pixcoins since it is random for the most part without potions.

- Another way would be selling plants in your usershop. Just search the usershops search to find what other users are selling plant products for.

- A slow way to make passive income is buying pixpet eggs from the auction at less then the server sell back price and selling the eggs back to the server your self for 1 - 5 pixcoin profit per egg.(Pixpet and pixinyte value guide is linked in my profile or can be found in forum game guides section)

Also make sure you are doing your daily pixpal interactions since that is also easy pixcoins that can go towards funding your house.

*As a side note don't auction out for pets under 3%(auction tax) + the base pixpet value or you will be losing profit since you can get more by instantly selling the egg back to the server from the pixpet egg handling page.*

Dec 17th, 2018
Posts: 227
Pixpets: 60
Pixdex: 74
1 Month ago
Aug 8th, 2022 - 2:01 PM
Nr. 3 #45151 2
@ShadowWolf The egg tip was awesome! I managed to get 3000 pc in one day! (I got tired)
And thanks for the auction tip! I never paid attention on the tax.
My pets are almost always on hoard, bu they only bring about 50 pc max. When I give the wealth potion it raises to 100 pc.
The shinko game is the only one I can get a profit. I'm really anxious for the candy crush like game, I love games like that!
Added some plants and other stuff in the shop.

Thanks for your patience with me.

Only 5000 pc to go!
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Jul 15th, 2022
Posts: 3
Pixpets: 6
Pixdex: 5
1 Month ago
Aug 9th, 2022 - 3:31 AM
Nr. 4 #45152 1
Thank you for the guide to get pc!! I'm also trying to get me a fancy house and it's been slow goin'
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Dec 17th, 2018
Posts: 227
Pixpets: 60
Pixdex: 74
1 Month ago
Aug 9th, 2022 - 1:50 PM
Nr. 5 #45154 1
Only 3000 PC LEFT
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