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So you want to sell Evobars? (1 Post and 301 Views)
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Feb 24th, 2019
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2 Years ago
Mar 6th, 2019 - 1:11 AM
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Hello! I'm going to begin compiling what I've seen from my first steps into selling evobars on the auction house.

Now, the first thing is of course you want to buy ingredients cheaply if you can, try to figure out what the basic price for an item is before you buy. Not all plant products go for the same price- the difference between the mostly ignored alovera and bearberries to the always wanted Evo fruit and Evolvus flowers is massive.

Open up your PC tab when pricing, figure out how much you spent on making one evo bar, and try to make sure you're not setting your prices too low. Between what I find on hoards and what I buy, usually I can make a bar for 80-100 PC so far. Of course a ton of time is spent in baking too that should be taken into account.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it's a good idea to check what's already on the auction house, preferably before you make any one specific bar. Whatever purees and saltblocks you don't use now, you can just keep for later.

Try to offer something that someone else isn't offering already- if you don't have that option, make sure that you're not pricing it well above theirs, and consider perhaps keeping it on auction for a shorter amount of time. Not everyone likes waiting.

Grade doesn't currently matter much, outside JP and Iguana Evobars, where grade matters up to 60.


Now, some EVO bars seem to sell better then others, having to do with the rarity of the pet, if it has more then one evo, and if it's a starter.

Currently, (Feel free to add observations) here is what I've found about the CURRENT Evobar market.

High Sellers-

JP and Iguana
Seem to be very popular, as they are needed not once, but twice in the evolution process. However remember that just because it's in high demand doesn't mean it'll be a guaranteed highseller.

Edit: West Dragon. Due to market trends, I have been seeing a larger then average number of these being sold.

Fair Sellers-
Wolfdog, Tropical Bird Feline, and to a somewhat lesser extent Bear.

All are likely to sell well, due to every player at least having one of them, and generally being rather popular due to having evolutions at all. Checking this page might give you an idea of what starters are most popular.

Right now, the bear line seems to be the least popular starter. I might consider moving it down to low selling if I see data reflecting poor sales of it.

Bovine bar has been moved to 'fair', after having seen it sold pretty consistently.

Low Sellers-

Whatever the reason, from what I've seen

Croco and Owl do not seem to sell very well- I would guess the latter does not do so due to Owluck being so rare, however I'm not sure of the reasons on the other.


It's too new to know what's going on with the Armored pixpet bar.
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