Game Guide
Welcome to the game guide! Each part of the guide is dedicated to a page in the Pixpet Game.
The Game Guide is identical to the ingame Tutorial.
1. Introduction

Welcome to the Pixpet tutorial which features an overview of all game mechanics. If you have further questions, feel free to visit the forums for help and check out our Game Guide which shows the whole tutorial neatly on one page. You can also check our Game Guide Board or Help Board for further help.

The main goal of Pixpet is to fill your Pixdex which is an index of all Pixpets you hatched already. In order to achieve this, you need to find new Pixpet eggs. Send your Pixpets on hoards and they will find you new Pixpet eggs and other useful items. Alternatively, you can also buy and sell items/eggs at the Pixpet Markets for the main site currency Pixcoins.

Pixpet encourages you to interact with other players. Each player has a personal userpage where their Pixpets are displayed. Visit other userpages and interact with Pixpets to win small prizes. Those prizes include: Pumpkin Seeds, Plant Seeds, Pixcoins and Pixpet Food. Those small interactions are an important source for seeds you need to cultivate!

The tutorial will give you a rough overview of most important functions. However, the best way to learn about the game is going through all tabs from the main menu and check out what they do!

2. Pixpets

The Pixpet inventory holds all your pets. The first thing you have to do is place your Pixpet egg in your house. Once you do that, the Pixpet will start to hatch slowly. Click on your Pixpet to open up its information page. From here you can send the Pixpet on a hoard. Only Pixpets that are placed in your home and have hatched can be sent on hoards.

Once your Pixpet hatches, you can name it. Freshly hatched Pixpets will be displayed on top of the Pixpet inventory where you can find an input field. Put your desired name into the field and click on "Name".

Each Pixpet has an assigned color. This color is chosen at random when a Pixpet hatches or evolves. The Pixpet Drax for example has following color chances: 60% Aqua, 35% Yellow and 5% Cyan.

This means that Drax has a 60% chance to be an Aqua-Pixpet when hatching. The color does not affect the appearance of the Pixpet, but it determines what things it can find on its hoards. An aqua Drax can only find items that are also aqua (or neutral) and Pixpet Eggs that have a chance to be aqua. So it can also find Pixpet eggs that have only a 1% chance to be aqua.

  • LVL: Each Pixpet has a level. The level increases by collecting hoard experience (HEXP). The more successful a hoard is, the more HEXP a Pixpet will get. A higher level guarantees better and more rare hoard finds.

  • SLVL: The Satisfaction Level decides on how successful a hoard is. It can also increase the amount of found objects. The SLVL increases if a lot of (max. 20) rare decorative objects are placed in the same room as the Pixpet (gives max. +70 SLVL). It can also be increased if many people interact with your Pixpets on your personal userpage (gives max. +30 SLVL).

  • WU/Lifting Capacity: Each Pixpet has an assigned Lifting Capacity which goes from 0-100. Pixpets can only find items in the same range. For example, Drax has a lifting capacity range from 0-30. So it can only find items that are between 0-30 WU (Weigh Units).

  • Rarity: Pixpets and items also have an assigned rarity. It determines how often they are found. Very rare Pixpets and items are considered legendary.

  • Food: In order to be sent on a hoard, Pixpets must be fed food pellets. Food pellets can be obtained by cultivating pumpkins or obtained through userpage lotteries.

To help with hoards, a Pixpet can carry up to three different potions. There are many different kinds of potions which can be combined. In order to work, a potion must be the same color as the pixpet (or neutral). Example: A potion with the color green will NOT work with your blue Pixpet. Potions are used up during a hoard.

Pixpets can also Evolve if you feed them Evobars. Evolve Pixpets to change their color, weigh and to fill your Pixdex. Legendary and once evolved Pixpets will bring you double as much Pixcoins from hoards. Very few Pixpets can even be evolved a second time bringing you the triple amount!

Placed Pixpets are displayed on your personal userpage where other players can interact with them via lottery. Interactions can raise their SLVL or make eggs hatch faster. Even non registered visitors can interact! Advertise your Pixpet userpage by linking to it. You can even customize your userpage or assign different custom texts to all your pets!

3. Items

The item inventory holds all items you own. The space is currently limited to 200 slots, however you can make more space by placing items in your home. There are many different item types which are divided into two main categories: Decorative Items and Consumable Items. Decorative items are used to decorate your home and increase your Pixpets Satisfaction Level (SLVL). Consumable items can be used by you and your Pixpets for the games progress.

Similar to Pixpets, certain items can have an assigned Color, Rarity and Mass which decide on what Pixpets can find them. Consumable items also have a Grade which is a measurement on how effective the item will be. For example, a high grade potion is more effective for a hoard than a low grade potion.

The Grade Averager, also found under the items tab. is a tool that helps you averaging out grades of consumable items. This comes in handy if you need multiple items of the same kind with the same grade for cooking or to reduce clutter in your inventory.

4. Cultivation

In order to progress with the game, you need to cultivate Plants and Pumpkins. Pumpkins can be placed in your garden slots while plants need to be placed in plant pots. Plant pots are stored in your inventory and must be placed in your house before use. Pumpkins can only be harvested once while plants keep reproducing their harvest. Pumpkins can be harvested in three stages: Blooming, Sprouting and Full Grown while plants can only be harvested in their final stage (Ripe Product).

Plant and pumpkin slots can be fertilized with a Fertilizer before a seed is planted. Fertilizers can be found by pixpets on their hoards.

Plants and pumpkins feature a grade from 0-100. The higher the grade, the better are they for cooking. If you do not water them regularly, they will lose grade and eventually wither. Pumpkins come in all colors and their color is important for the cooking result.

Plant and Pumpkin Seeds will often be of a low grade. With the Seed Combiner you can combine them to create higher grade seeds before planting them.

Plant and pumpkin products are mainly used as cooking ingredients. Pumpkins can also be turned into food pellets for Pixpets which they require for their hoards.

5. Cooking

Cooking is a way to transform your ingredients into other ingredients, potions or evobars. Cooking can take quite some time depending on the method and grade of the ingredients. Potion brewing may take a long time while refining ingredients goes quickly.

Refining: Refining ingredients is mostly used to prepare ingredients for either brewing or baking.

Brewing: Brewing results are always Potions. Potions are used to help Pixpets on their hoards, or as ingredients for evobars. The result potion will have the color of the colored ingredient and the average grade of all ingredients. Only Pixpets with the same color as the result potion can use it.

Baking: Baking results are always Evobars. Evobars are used to evolve or devolve Pixpets. However, an evobar must have a certain grade to be effective. Evobars don't have an assigned color and are always neutral.

There are recipes for refining, brewing and baking. All recipes can be found on the bottom of the respective cooking page. If you produce a successful cooking result, the recipe will be added to your Recipe Book.

6. Market

On the Item and Pixpet Market you can sell your items and pixpet eggs via auctions. To add an item to the market, you have to go to your item inventory and select the item and amount as well as the auction duration.

Anytime you bid for an item, the bid (Pixcoins) will be taken from you temporarily and the previous bidder gets their bid back. If nobody else outbids you until the end of the auction, you will receive the item and your bid goes to the auction host. If you bid right before the end of an auction, the auction duration will be extended (Snipeguard).

7. Housing

Your house essentially defines how much space you have for your Pixpets, pumpkins, plants and decorative items. Houses are divided into different House Parts. The bigger the house, the more house parts it has. House parts are divided into two categories: Inside and Outside, which defines what items can be placed in them. Outside house parts like the Front Yard and Back Yard hold Pumpkin Slots. The number of plant slots is defined by the house type and can vary.

The number of Pixpets each house part can hold depends on the house part type and size. Some house parts cannot hold any Pixpets at all, like the Attic or Basement.

You can have multiple houses, but only one of them can be inhabited at a time. To move into a different house, you need to empty your current house completely first. You can purchase new houses or buy a used house for a reduced price from the Housing Market.

8. Currency

Pixpet features three different currencies: Pixcoins, Super Pixcoins and Pixpet Tickets.

Pixcoins (PC) are the main currency of the game. They are obtained through Hoards, Market Sellings, Login Rewards, trading Forum Points or Interacting with other players. Pixcoins can be exchanged for super pixcoins.

Super Pixcoins (SPC) are used to buy super potions. Super potions are mostly used to reduce waiting times thorough the game. They can also be used to rename or regender your Pixpet.

Pixpet Tickets (PPT) are the third currency of the game. They can only be obtained through patreon support or ingame purchases. Sometimes special events will be held where you can win pixpet tickets. Pixpet tickets can be exchanged for super pixcoins, however pixpet tickets can not be exchanged into pixcoins directly.

The Pixpet Ticket Shop is a special shop where you can buy items which are not obtainable through normal gameplay. They have a high rarity and will increase the SLVL of your pixpets if placed in your house.
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