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23Potion Information and their Effects!
Opened by VampVixen - 1 Month ago
Last Post by Isegard - 1 Day ago

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18Plant Growth Estimates
Opened by godzilla - 1 Month ago
Last Post by LadyValkyrie - 2 Days ago

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16Item Catalog (667/792) & Price Formula
Opened by Mrinja - 2 Months ago
Last Post by Mrinja - 2 Days ago

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12Pixpet Guide for Newcomers
Opened by plagueDG - 2 Months ago
Last Post by Hemuset - 3 Days ago

40Pixpet Color Compendium
Opened by rainbows - 4 Months ago
Last Post by Isegard - 8 Days ago

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14Evobar Baking Guide
Opened by VampVixen - 1 Month ago
Last Post by VampVixen - 14 Days ago

4Badge Overview & Requirements
Opened by Krill - 18 Days ago
Last Post by Kookaburra - 16 Days ago

17Potion Recipe Breakdown Thread [IMG Heavy]
Opened by Uendo - 1 Month ago
Last Post by Uendo - 19 Days ago

5Custom CSS/User Styles: A Compilation
Opened by lumiet - 20 Days ago
Last Post by Longicaudatus - 20 Days ago

9“Secret” Recipes - warning, spoilers inside!
Opened by Wayvern - 1 Month ago
Last Post by DraconicMusic - 29 Days ago

2Total Amount of Ingredients Needed for All Recipes
Opened by Uendo - 1 Month ago
Last Post by Uendo - 1 Month ago

7Getting started on Pixpets!
Opened by VampVixen - 1 Month ago
Last Post by VampVixen - 1 Month ago

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