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Hi there! I'm Egypt, and I'm just a casual dork.
I'm a comic book artist, YouTuber, and lover of all things Egyptology! I'm a collector here on PixPet -- I really want to fill up my PixDex! If I find eggs I already have, I'll either sell them or put them on the market if they're for rarer pets.

PixPets so far (in order):

Placed Pixpets
On HoardLime Frumpin
Aquan Ice Rink
4513#47-A GrumpuinDec 7th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
137365♂ Male82% (Very Common)0-30 WU
As his species' name might imply, Frumpin is a grumpy little bird. He's still very young, though, so most of his attitude gets misinterpreted as "adorable."
On HoardWhite Frost
Growing Grove
7924#6-A UrsufuzzAug 9th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
68667♀ FemaleNone60-90 WU
Frost is Felix's clutch-mate -- the two of them were raised as siblings, and they even shared a color group with one another. As a Unicubb, Frost was Felix's go-to sidekick when causing trouble; while Felix acted as the ring-leader and came up with most of their silly ideas, it was Frost's clever wit that often times secured their little stunts.

Frost evolved before Felix did. The little Feliphene loved to ride on his larger sister's back, though he still liked to think he was the boss of things. Frost herself matured well enough -- the Ursifuzz is still sharp as can be and is often responsible for planning out the group's hoards and projects. She also often has to drag her brother out of whatever trouble he gets himself into...
On HoardWhite Finnegan
4112#45-A KrashDec 9th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
117168♂ Male3% (Super Rare)54-84 WU
Finnegan has a bubbly personality, but he's rather lonely. He has trouble getting along with the other PixPets due to his age -- he wasn't hatched alongside any other PixPets, so he had no "siblings" to play with. All the other PixPets in the household are either older or younger than him, making him a bit of an outcast.

His name is strikingly similar to the handler's first PixPet, Fin the Parrogrine, so he is referred to as "Finnie" for short.
On HoardBlack Felix
Main Hall
8722#10-A KyagrowlAug 8th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
66852♂ MaleNone50-80 WU
As the oldest of the younger PixPets, Felix fancies himself a ring-leader -- as a Feliphene, he was always coming up with silly new ideas and often dragged other young ones into his antics.

Now that he's a Kyragrowl, Felix is a little more thoughtful in the "grand plans" he cooks up these days. He's still as reckless as ever, and he's not very self-controlled... But he does have a good heart, even if he spends his days being mischeivous and taunting the young ones.
AvailableBlack Feng
10024#46-A ColocrowNov 14th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
121760♀ FemaleNone21-51 WU
So, funny story. I paid over 1000 PixCoin to get my hands on a Colocrow egg, and on the very last day of the Halloween event my PixPets brought me back another egg for free.

Much internal screaming ensued.

Feng here is the egg I kept. Her name is Chinese in origin, and I chose it for a reason -- it means "phoenix." Her splash of colorful feathers and black main body reminded me of a phoenix turning to ash or burning itself out.

Despite the name choice, Feng here is still very young and is by no means close to "burning out" any time soon. We're still learning her personality -- at the moment, she's revealed herself to be a mischeivous little bird that likes to swipe all the shiny things she can.
AvailableMagenta Foster
Main Hall
10024#32-A RoyowlNov 14th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
94680♂ MaleNone39-69 WU
As an Owluck, Foster was tiny. Very very tiny. Faiyum shirked most of their duties just to make sure the little guy didn't wander off or get crushed underneath the bigger PixPet's feet... Foster didn't peep very much -- he just watched the world with wide eyes, apparently making his own conclusions about it.

Upon evolving into a Royowl, Foster is still surprisingly quiet. He prefers to remain indoors and reads books to pass his time; he's as watchful as ever, though, and is one of Faiyum's greatest helping hands.
On HoardBlue Faiyum
10024#48-A FinngriffOct 21st, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
111844None2% (Legendary)70-100 WU
Named for the ancient Egyptian oasis (and later settlement), Faiyum is best described as a "regal" PixPet. They are a proud and leaderly figure in the household, and their legendary strength puts them at a higher tier than most of the other PixPets. Despite this, Faiyum is far from snotty or self-righteous -- they are as much a part of the family as the other PixPets, and they work well with others. Due to Faiyum's legendary status and role as unofficial "leader" in the household, they work best as a mediator between PixPets: they help settle disputes and quarrels, and they play a large part in maintaining order when the handler isn't around.
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