RainbowServal's Badges (13)
Badge Collection
0/3 Emerald Badges
0/12 Diamond Badges
0/13 Gold Badges
3/13 Silver Badges
7/13 Bronze Badges
3/9 Misc Badges
Silver Badge Collector
RainbowServal collected 10 badges.
Silver Pixpet Interactions
The Pixpets of RainbowServal made 100 interactions.
Silver Login Chainer
RainbowServal logged in 30 days in a row.
Bronze Badge Collector
RainbowServal collected 5 badges.
Bronze Pixpet Hoarder
RainbowServal owns a total of 10 pixpets.
Bronze Pixpet Placer
RainbowServal placed 3 pixpets in their home.
Bronze Hoarder
RainbowServal sent one of their pixpets on 10 hoards.
Bronze Login Chainer
RainbowServal logged in 10 days in a row.
Bronze Pixpet Interactions
The Pixpets of RainbowServal made 10 interactions.
Bronze Pixpet Auctioneer
RainbowServal earned PC 50 by selling a pixpet egg.
Legendary Club
RainbowServal owns a legendary pixpet.
Tutorial Reader
RainbowServal read through the tutorial.
Early Adopter
RainbowServal registered to pixpet before the games opening.
Member Early Adopter Pixpets: 11, Pixdex: 4/39
Legendary Club
Bronze Badge Collector
Silver Badge Collector
Bronze Pixpet Hoarder
Silver Pixpet Interactions
Bronze Pixpet Placer
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New Luck Bungalow
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