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► Hello! I'm Timerwolf. ◄

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Placed Pixpets
AvailableIndigo Poncho
Entrance Floor
355#005-A UnicubbSep 17th, 2022
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
264542♂ Male30% (Rare)0-30 WU
Alright everyone how's it going it's your favorite mexican rainco- *ahem*
Contrary to his demeanor, Poncho isn't actually as fluffy and sweet in appearance. He may even look stoic at times, but will most definitely crack a joke or two when given opportunity.

Mystifly Pixinyte
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Hatching Progress:  89%
AvailableLime Kristen
Entrance Floor
478#003-B Vivid CanisquaSep 13th, 2022
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
304421♀ FemaleNone10-40 WU
Timer's distant cousin, she also have no idea who he is.
Kristen loves the smell of chocolate. She also like grape-scented snacks.

Leemue Pixinyte
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Hatching Progress:  100%
AdventureOrange Etle
Back Yard
7112#001-B Vivid DraxAug 29th, 2022
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
301962♀ FemaleNone0-30 WU
Pronounce "Et-tal"
Etle has anger issue, she's working on it though.
Originated from the world of Pixpet. She moves out due to the issue other pixpets seem to have with Vivids.

Leemue Pixinyte
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Hatching Progress:  100%
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