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Hi there! I'm Valtien or Weisk!
they/them | 25

You can check out the full profile of my characters on my toyhouse. I also have a Pixpet themed tumblr blog, which you should totally follow if you also post pixpet stuff, but I don't use it as often as I should, tbh...

I play a lot of videos games, namely RPGs! I also play WoW so hit me up if you also play and wanna chat~

I'm always open for PMs if you have any game questions or need help with something, don't be a stranger!

Personal Accomplishments -

Placed Pixpets
AvailableLime #34-A Poi
Second Floor
255PangoxMar 20th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
14167♂ Male65% (Common)6-36 WU
AvailableLime #8-A Viktor
Second Floor
10028ParrogrineJan 9th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
2346♂ MaleNone25-55 WU
AvailableGreen #26-A Suria
Front Yard
6621IguzzleFeb 4th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
3339♂ MaleNone20-50 WU
AvailableBrown #3-A Eyvindr
Entrance Floor
5120CanisquaFeb 6th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
3437♀ Female30% (Rare)10-40 WU
Eyvindr | Undeveloped
toyhouse profile

AvailableCyan #2-A Khoir
Second Floor
7123AltudraxFeb 2nd, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
3752♂ MaleNone59-89 WU
AvailablePurple #32-A Holly
Entrance Floor
7921RoyowlFeb 16th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
7057♂ MaleNone39-69 WU
AvailableBlack #38-A Aldriel
Back Yard
8426XeldronFeb 4th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
4904None1.8% (Legendary)70-100 WU
Aldriel | Healer
toyhouse profile
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