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❀ | haley | she/her ♀ | <18 | ❀


welcome, friends! i'm a female & a highschool freshman who loves online pet games. i try to keep at least 1 pixpet or 1 egg out so you can interact, and i will return interactions as soon as possible. i get backlogged sometimes but i always try to click back! you can read more about my pixpets below. thanks for stopping by!

❀ profile picture drawn by me, character from pmlylm ❀

current goals:
  • get moonstone to lv 100 ✓

  • create more bios for my babeys

  • draw some art for this site (brUh)

  • find more super-rares(not happening 😎)

  • things I like:
    drawing ❀
    piano ❀
    osu! ❀
    minecraft ❀
    she-ra (2018-19) ❀
    the dragon prince ❀
    kataow ❀
    pmlylm ❀

    Placed Pixpets
    On HoardRed Pyre
    starry sky
    256#39-A GirafiraMay 20th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    176674♂ Male6% (Very Rare)61-91 WU
    On HoardYellow Pryxl
    country roadsss
    439#49-A MossatriceMay 15th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    178857♂ Male6% (Very Rare)59-89 WU
    ~ pryxl ~

    pryxl is a prickly, distant one, and he only shows affection to those who he takes an extreme liking to. yes, he's that stereotype. he loves his alone time, especially being outside, and he's constantly messing with/preening the moss that grows on his back. all dirt must be purged. his favourite season is fall, and his best friend is clythe.

    On HoardYellow Hathix
    country roadsss
    8322#38-A ShluppbunApr 20th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    176982♂ MaleNone1-31 WU
    ~ hathix ~

    hathix is a Tired Boye™ and makes frequent trips to the napping room when he isn't out on hoards. the other pets consistently have to push him along to keep hoarding to make sure he doesn't take a nap in the middle of a hoard. when he puts his mind to something, though, he can get almost anything done. he likes to "hoard" random items that he finds for himself that he finds and show them off any chance he gets.

    AvailableBlue Clythe
    10029#29-A PentadileMar 26th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    108845♂ MaleNone45-75 WU
    ~ clythe ~

    clythe is an easily excitable boy who might have a small crush on his best friend pryxl :0 shh he's still figuring it out. he was the first one to see the mossatrice hatch, and has been best friends with him ever since. one time on a hoard, he fell off a cliff and into a river, receiving multiple scars on his back, tail, and arms. he sees them as battle scars and ways to prove his strength, though, and prizes them. he likes to guard the house and protect all the other pets, too. in protection, he's found his purpose.

    AvailableYellow Kiesa
    10027#18-A RootaxMar 27th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    119515♀ Female30% (Rare)30-60 WU
    ~ kiesa ~

    kiesa is very hyperactive and bouncy, and tends to act a bit immature. she means well, though, and loves to help plan parties every weekend. she is the ray of sunshine in the house (quite literally), and all the other pets come to her for when they want to be cheered up. when she's out hoarding, she tucks away her spontaneous demeanor long enough to focus and not drop anything, but when she's at home, its party time!

    AvailableBrown Vyre
    10027#12-A MobathMar 26th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    108129♂ Male65% (Common)1-31 WU
    AvailableCyan Bambba
    10028#37-A PandstarMar 26th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    126891♀ Female48% (Normal)5-35 WU
    AvailableGray Myx
    starry sky
    10027#34-A PangoxMar 26th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    116268♂ Male65% (Common)6-36 WU
    AvailableLime Keke
    starry sky
    10025#31-A OwluckMar 26th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    162271♂ Male18% (Very Rare)0-30 WU
    On HoardPurple Skystrike
    starry sky
    10040#52-A FinngriffNov 11th, 2019
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    118566None2% (Legendary)70-100 WU
    On HoardBlack Fiele
    country roadsss
    10045#10-A KyagrowlFeb 3rd, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    109934♀ FemaleNone50-80 WU
    On HoardWhite Moonstone
    country roadsss
    10059#54-B Albino XeldronDec 11th, 2019
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    136231None0.8% (Legendary)70-100 WU
    ~ moonstone ~

    a cheerful gem, moonstone is the pride and joy of the house. she's pretty immature and doesn't know the extent of her own powers, often knocking things off of shelves with her wagging tail. she listens to whatever others tell her though, and loves anything shiny and hosting parties for everyone. she hates getting her shimmering white scales dirty, and often takes extra-long baths. her favourite place to relax is in her room inside the house, where she can party all she wants. yes i am aware that the background is diamonds when her name is moonstone it's the aesthetic ok?

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