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Game Features
The Game
Inspired by Pokemon, Minecraft and Animal Crossing, the Pixel Pets Network is an independent online pet adoption game focusing on the collection of virtual pets. Along with the Pixpets come a huge amount of collectable objects that can be traded among registered users.

Decorate your house to your heart's content with precious decorative objects or focus on gathering as many different and rare Pixpets as possible! The goal of the game is to expand your house so that you have enough room to give your pets a cozy home.

In order to expand your home, you have to send your Pixpets on hoards to gather new Pixpets eggs and objects which can be sold on the market. Grow plants and pumpkins in your garden and brew potions which you can give to your pets to increase hoard success.

Pixpet is free to play with additional benefits given out to our Patreon supporters.

The Pixpets hatch from eggs and feature a level which ranges from 1 to 100. In order to increase its level, a Pixpet must gain hoard experience through successful hoards. Satisfy your Pixpets' needs and give them potions to increase the success of their hoards. You can also evolve them by giving them delicious evobars, that you need to craft!

The Pixpets are assigned to 16 different color groups. Each individual Pixpet has one assigned color. However, Pixpets can change their color with Evolutions or Devolutions. The color decides over what kind of items a Pixpet can find in its hoards.

Preview Screenshots
Pixpet Hoards Item Inventory Housing
Recent News
NewsMore Item Improvements + NEW Capsule Opener!
News Tags: Capsule, Opener, Plant, Pots, Averager

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 793
Pixpets: 33
Pixdex: 10
9 Hours ago#24319 11
Today, more updates have been made to the Item Inventory!

Plant Pots

As announced in the last news, Plant Pots can now be put back to the Item Inventory, even if you have planted something in them. This feature has been updated and has now a restriction: The House Plant Pot Limit now counts for the inventory too! So overall you can not increase the amount of plants beyond the space in your house. However, this comes in handy when you do do not want to water your plants for a longer period of time or if you want to move houses.

Also, new links were added under the house display to directly access your plant pots in your Inventory as well as the cultivating pages!

NEW FEATURE: Capsule Opener

There is now a new extension for the Item Inventory: The Capsule Opener! This page is designed so you can quickly open up to 20 Capsules at once! No more capsule hoarding in your inventory.

Average Grade Improvements

The Average Grades feature received an update! You can now select up to four items at once and bulk add them to the Averager Slots. If all slots are full, you can not select any more items to prevent overflow.

Item Inventory: Sort by Not Placed

You can now sort the items in the Item Inventory by Not Placed! It is essentially the same sorting as Received, but will exclude items that are placed in your house. This is helpful for most of the options in the item inventory like the Sellback Feature.

Todays updates finish up the Item Inventory/Functions Revamp. More improvements will be made to the rest of the game soon!

Happy Capsule Opening!
9 Comments - 351 Views
NewsItem Inventory Revamp!
News Tags: Item, Inventory, Revamp, Sellback, Store, Market, Usershop, Trading, Plant, Pots

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 793
Pixpets: 33
Pixdex: 10
1 Day ago#24228 18
After the Pixpet Inventory, the Item Inventory received a big revamp too! There are a lot of changes, lets get into it:


Like at the Pixpet Inventory, there are now a lot of tooltips integrated into the item pages! They give information about all item features and about why actions can be made or not. It will again help new players with getting the hang of the Pixpet mechanics.

Item Inventory Segments

The item inventory has been divided into 6 Segments. You can switch between each segments instantly to access options for items. The big appendix at the end of the page has been removed.

Changes: Sellback

The Item Sellback Page is completely integrated into the Item Inventory now while maintaining the same functionality as before. The item deleting option has been removed since you can now sellback ALL items. The sellback PC return rates are the same as before.

Changes: Usershop

You have a new setting for the Usershop now: Sell Single Units! If you turn on this option for items with a quantity higher than 2, fellow players can choose the stock amount they want to buy. The price is set per unit.

Last but not least: Plant Pot Removing

Something that has been requested since the first days of the beta! Plant pots with plants in them can now be moved back to the inventory! As long as a planted plant pot is in your inventory it is like "frozen". The plant does not grow or use up water. It will continue to grow once placed in your house again. Please note that it will count towards your House Plant Slot Limit, even if in your inventory!

This feature comes in handy when you do not want to water your plants for a longer period or if you want to move houses.

I hope to make the game more sleek and fun with those changes! A lot of things in the code were changed so it is possible that new bugs sneaked in. If you find something suspicious, please report it to our Site Bugs forum.
Thank you!

Happy Playing!
28 Comments - 451 Views
NewsNew Items: Twilight Sky Wallpapers!
News Tags: Wallpeper, Wall, Skin, Twilight, Sky

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 793
Pixpets: 33
Pixdex: 10
2 Days ago#24131 16
Twilight Sky Wallpapers

16 New wallpapers are available now! They resemble a dreamy twilight sky, many of them otherworldly depending on the color! They are very light and have a low rarity (so they are hard to find).


The twilight sky wallpapers were illustrated by our site artist @mahururaji and Commissioned by @Kookaburra

If you want to make a gift to the Pixpet Community yourself, you can commission your own items trough our Item Commission Feature!

Also, the Item Inventory Revamp is currently in the works and will go online soon!

Happy Twilight Sky Searching!
17 Comments - 448 Views
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