Pixpet Advertising Guidelines
Pixpet Advertising Guidelines

Advertise on Pixpet by subscribing to the Pixpet Sponsor Tier (Tier 5) on the Pixpet Patreon for $50/Month. After the first payment, a banner with the size of 340x60 pixel will be displayed in the right module menu of pixpet on every page (that features a right area) for one month per payment. Pixpet sponsor advertisements will always be displayed, however we do not take explicit measures against user advertisement blocking. Advertise your product/artwork gallery/kickstarter/service or even your own pixpet page for example!

The banner can be jpg, png or gif and will link to your desired page. Gif animations should not be too flashy.

Advertising following contents are not allowed: pornographic, fetish material, racist, hateful, bullying, discriminating, drugs of any kind and generally malevolent content. Advertising products/services which are of an illegal nature are forbidden. The Pixpet administration has the right to refuse advertising contents without any reason given. The amount of advertisers is limited. By subscribing to the Tier 5 on Patreon you agree to those terms.

Any more questions?
Please contact admin[at]pixpet.net
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