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Game Features
The Game
Inspired by Pokemon, Minecraft and Animal Crossing, the Pixel Pets Network is an independent online pet adoption game focusing on the collection of virtual pets. Along with the Pixpets come a huge amount of collectable objects that can be traded among registered users.

Decorate your house to your heart's content with precious decorative objects or focus on gathering as many different and rare Pixpets as possible! The goal of the game is to expand your house so that you have enough room to give your pets a cozy home.

In order to expand your home, you have to send your Pixpets on hoards to gather new Pixpets eggs and objects which can be sold on the market. Grow plants and pumpkins in your garden and brew potions which you can give to your pets to increase hoard success.

Pixpet is free to play with additional benefits given out to our Patreon supporters.

The Pixpets hatch from eggs and feature a level which ranges from 1 to 100. In order to increase its level, a Pixpet must gain hoard experience through successful hoards. Satisfy your Pixpets' needs and give them potions to increase the success of their hoards. You can also evolve them by giving them delicious evobars, that you need to craft!

The Pixpets are assigned to 16 different color groups. Each individual Pixpet has one assigned color. However, Pixpets can change their color with Evolutions or Devolutions. The color decides over what kind of items a Pixpet can find in its hoards.

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Pixpet Hoards Item Inventory Housing
Recent News
Crack The Egg Code Event - June 2019
News Tags: Event, code, contest, official event
Patreon Supporter
Game Moderator

Dec 1st, 2018
Posts: 344
Pixpets: 215
Pixdex: 43
Jun 16th, 2019 - 9:04 PM#22205 2

June's Event

Last month, those of you who joined in with the Crack The Egg Code event, helped Laurel when she brought 12 eggs to us which needed our help to safely hatch. We managed to hatch all 12 eggs, and as a thank you, the members with the highest scores in the event were gifted some very nice items which had been put together for the purpose of the flower festival, the theme of the event. One of the items was a white dragon scale elixir made from the white dragon scales which were left behind by Laurel.

Since then the use of the white dragon scales, that Komodo added to the game in May, has brought us our first Albino Noo-long’s.

What you did not know, is that Komodo had also added something else to the game around then which he kept hidden.

That’s right, Komodo can be sneaky sometimes!

What is this secret item that he had added I bet you are wandering?

The secret item is a legendary egg which can only be seen during special events, it cannot be found through the normal channels of sending Pixpets on hoards.

Join me in this months Crack The Egg Code event for a chance to be one of the first owners of one of these special eggs.

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Next Pixpet - Patreon Poll!
News Tags: Patreon, Poll, Pixpet

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 750
Pixpets: 32
Pixdex: 2
Jun 16th, 2019 - 6:05 PM#22181 4
A new Pixpet Species will be added to pixpet next week, and all our Patrons can choose which animal it should be based on. So follow this link and check out the poll. It will remain open until 3 days from now!


Choose from:
  • Parasaurolophus

  • Shoebill

  • Koala

  • Hedgehog

  • Sugarglider

Quite some diverse range of options!
All patrons are invited to vote. :)

Also don't forget about our $1400 goal shadow, which is sadly a bit out of reach at the moment.

Aaand, a huge bunch of bugs have been fixed in the past few days!

  • Text Spacing
    Display issues with Pumpkins, Badges and Gallery images have been fixed because of a line height change.

  • Sunobra Chase
    Several glitches have been fixed! Including unplayability, full screen and spawning issues.

  • Gallery Comment Box
    A bug has been fixed, where the comment box for gallery images would not empty after sending in the comment.

  • Placed Pixpets Order
    The order of placed pixpets was sometimes off due to an issue with the egg hatch help feature.

  • Pixpet Variation
    Pixpets with the variant B were sometimes displayed as variant A.

  • Stack Problem
    A bug has been fixed where items given out by moderators would not stack.

  • Food Display
    The new amount of food would not display immediately after sending out a pet on a hoard.

Happy Voting!
8 Comments - 431 Views
Big New Feature: MINIGAME(S): Sunobra Chase!
News Tags: Pixpet, Minigame, Sunobra, Chase, Tokens, Arcade

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 750
Pixpets: 32
Pixdex: 2
Jun 12th, 2019 - 8:10 PM#21865 14
Pixpet Proudly Introduces:

The Pixpet Arcade

The Pixpet Arcade is a new place where Pixpet related Minigames can be found! You can exchange the minigame score for ingame resources/prizes! Along with the arcade, a new currency is introduced: The Pixpet Arcade Tokens (PATs).

The user menu has been expanded and features now the number of pixpet food pellets as well as the amount of PATs. You can reach the arcade page by clicking on the PAT amount button.

You receive 3 Pixpet Arcade Tokens every day at midnight. However, minigames can be played as often as you wish! Only when you decide to exchange your highscore with resources or other prizes, one token is used up.

The minigame(s) are commissioned and created by a third party and paid with your support money! Thank you for your continued support.

Introducing our first minigame: Sunobra Chase!

In this minigame you are playing a Sunobra, which is hungry for pumpkins! Eat as many pumpkins as possible without running into yourself or obstacles and avoid the rotten pumpkins! The game features multiple difficulty settings that have an influence on your score. In this minigame, the score can be exchanged for Pixpet Food Pellets.

More Sunobra!

Awesome Artwork by Verisiris, visit her Deviantart Gallery!

To celebrate the first minigame, a new Sunobra Variant was just added to the game! Its on you to find it on hoards! The new variant is a very rare Sunobra that should be treated very carefully because of their poisonous nature.

In addition to also celebrate the new Commission Feature, all users receive +20 Item Inventory Spaces and +20 Pixpet Inventory Spaces, hurray! If you bought extra inventory spaces before already, the price will just reduce.

Happy arcade playing and thank you for your continued support!
45 Comments - 754 Views
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