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Game Features
The Game
Inspired by Pokemon, Minecraft and Animal Crossing, the Pixel Pets Network is an independent online pet adoption game focusing on the collection of virtual pets. Along with the Pixpets come a huge amount of collectable objects that can be traded among registered users.

Decorate your house to your heart's content with precious decorative objects or focus on gathering as many different and rare Pixpets as possible! The goal of the game is to expand your house so that you have enough room to give your pets a cozy home.

In order to expand your home, you have to send your Pixpets on hoards to gather new Pixpets eggs and objects which can be sold on the market. Grow plants and pumpkins in your garden and brew potions which you can give to your pets to increase hoard success.

Pixpet will be free to play with additional benefits given out to our Patreon supporters.
Pixpet is currently under heavy development and in the BETA-Phase, please consider supporting us!

The Pixpets hatch from eggs and feature a level which ranges from 1 to 100. In order to increase its level, a Pixpet must gain hoard experience through successful hoards. Satisfy your Pixpets' needs and give them potions to increase the success of their hoards. You can also evolve them by giving them delicious evobars, that you need to craft!

The Pixpets are assigned to 16 different color groups. Each individual Pixpet has one assigned color. However, Pixpets can change their color with Evolutions or Devolutions. The color decides over what kind of items a Pixpet can find in its hoards.

Preview Screenshots
Pixpet Hoards Item Inventory Housing
Recent News
Beta Closure + Pixpet Trailer/Splash Video!
News Tags: Pixpet, Video, Trailer, Splash, Beta, End


Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 269
Pixpets: 4
Pixdex: 2
Dec 14th, 2018 - 7:53 PM#1310 9
The beta just ended and the game is not accessable anymore because of maintenance. It will come back in exactly one week for the release! Thanks to everyone who participated to the pixpet beta and your support! <3 There is now a lot of technical stuff to do until the release!

But first:

I now proudly reveal the brand new pixpet trailer/splash video! You can view it here (on the pixpet homepage) or on youtube:

For the trailer, the pixpet logo has been updated too and it looks more sleek now! Also a professional speaker was hired which did an amazing job! The trailer marks the first step towards advertising pixpet. If you would like to tell other people about pixpet the video is probably the best way to go. It can also be found on our patreon page.

REMINDER: the pixpet survey is still online! It will be taken down tomorrow around this time, so if you didn't fill it in yet, I'd appreciate if you'd take the 5 minutes to fill it in. Thank you!

Have fun playing (soon again)!
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Pixpet Descriptions + Beta Feedback Survey
News Tags: Survey, beta, Descriptions, Pixpet


Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 269
Pixpets: 4
Pixdex: 2
Dec 2nd, 2018 - 5:32 PM#1286 2
In order to give the Pixpets more depth, each Pixpet features a small description now! They can be read at the Pixdex. Descriptions are only visible for Pixpets you hatched already. If you find any grammatical or even logical mistakes please post the in our Typo Thread. Thank you!

The beta is nearing the end and I have put up a survey about it! Your feedback will help us improving the game experience further and give us a guide about the direction we will head in the future. Filling out doesn't take long and will help us immensely! Obviously the survey is only for testers of the beta:

Also there have been following bugfixes:
  • There was a bug with auctions where the item/egg would not be added to the inventory.

  • With usershops is was possible to exceed the item inventory limit. Also, a full inventory warning is now displayed at public userpages.

Thank you for your support!
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New Badges!
News Tags: Badges, Login Chain, Markets, Recipes


Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 269
Pixpets: 4
Pixdex: 2
Nov 29th, 2018 - 8:52 PM#1267 5
Since the beta opened, there have been quite some new features which now got new badge achievements now! 16 new badges in four categories have been added today:

  • Login Chains: Badges for a certain length of login chain.

  • Found Recipes: Badges for finding a certain amount of recipes.

  • Pixpet Auction: Badges for selling pixpet eggs at a certain price.

  • Item Auction: Badges for selling items at a certain price.

Please note that game progress related badges will be reset after the beta is over!

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Beta Closure + Pixpet Trailer/Splash Video!
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