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Game Features
The Game
Inspired by Pokemon, Minecraft and Animal Crossing, the Pixel Pets Network is an independent online pet adoption game focusing on the collection of virtual pets. Along with the Pixpets come a huge amount of collectable objects that can be traded among registered users.

Decorate your house to your heart's content with precious decorative objects or focus on gathering as many different and rare Pixpets as possible! The goal of the game is to expand your house so that you have enough room to give your pets a cozy home.

In order to expand your home, you have to send your Pixpets on hoards to gather new Pixpets eggs and objects which can be sold on the market. Grow plants and pumpkins in your garden and brew potions which you can give to your pets to increase hoard success.

Pixpet is free to play with additional benefits given out to our Patreon supporters.

The Pixpets hatch from eggs and feature a level which ranges from 1 to 100. In order to increase its level, a Pixpet must gain hoard experience through successful hoards. Satisfy your Pixpets' needs and give them potions to increase the success of their hoards. You can also evolve them by giving them delicious evobars, that you need to craft!

The Pixpets are assigned to 16 different color groups. Each individual Pixpet has one assigned color. However, Pixpets can change their color with Evolutions or Devolutions. The color decides over what kind of items a Pixpet can find in its hoards.

Preview Screenshots
Pixpet Hoards Item Inventory Housing
Recent News
NewsItalian Villa + New Items!
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Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 877
Pixpets: 38
Pixdex: 12
2 Days ago
Oct 21st, 2019 - 7:31 PM
#30729 13
7 New Individual Items!

7 new commissioned items have been added to the game just now! They have been commissioned by @Mew @Minaline @hunter-z @Dreamcrystal @Sherrice @Kookaburra and @Rackiera and were illustrated by @MahuruRaji @Lorienee and @Prince

Among the items is a beautiful Altudrax Hedge and Arcade Machine, both illustrated by @Prince. If you click on the Arcade Machine in your house, it takes you directly to the Sunobra Chase minigame. However, it is a legendary item and very difficult to find.



New Commission Sports!

7 Commissions Spots are open again which you can use to commission new items! Item Commission Request

New House!

A new house has been added! The Italian Villa!

It is the biggest house in the game and features 7 House Parts. It has space for 6 Pumpkins, 10 Plants and 17 Pixpets. 50 Units are available now for PC 25200 on the New House Market

Big thanks to @Lorienee which illustrated this amazing new addition to the game!

Additionally, the European Lakeside House, Two Story House and Renovated Farmhouse received +30 new stock!

Happy Saving Up for the Italian Villa ;)
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NewsBig Announcement: Pixpet ADVENTURE
News Tags: Pixpet, Adventure, Game, Text, RPG

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 877
Pixpets: 38
Pixdex: 12
4 Days ago
Oct 19th, 2019 - 8:12 PM
#30634 30

The Pixpet Game is getting a big new Extension!

The Pixpet Adventure will be a new integral part of the site! It is not just a minigame or another feature, it is a game within the game. The Adventure will be a Text Based RPG where you take on the role of your own Pixpets.

While the current game plays out entirely in the human world, the pixpet adventure will be played in the Pixpet Realm.

How it Works

Once the adventure is online, instead of hoards, Pixpets placed in your house can also be sent on adventures. The adventures are played out by YOU in the Pixpet Realm, where Pixpets are more intelligent and can also speak (and is by the way also the origin of all Pixpets). Only one of your Pixpets can be on an adventure at a time. A Pixpet has its own adventure inventory and you can give it currency and items from your main inventory.

Your Pixpet can discover and go along many different story paths, however some paths can only be taken by specific Pixpet species. More details will be given later on what Pixpets can do, discover and take back home!

Adventure Goals

The Pixpet Adventure will solve five big points that the current Pixpet game lacks and have been criticized before:

  • Mobile Friendly: Since the Adventure plays like an app and requires a lot of reading and only a slow internet connection, it is suited for play on phone or tablet on the move.

  • Waiting Times: The waiting times in the current game have always been criticized, especially for new players. The adventure grants new and even unregistered players immediate access to the Pixpet world, giving players things to do while they wait for pets to return from hoards or plants to grow.

  • Pixpet Lore: The adventure will give the Pixpet world finally a lore you can discover! It will explain basic things like how the Pixpet Realm works and how it is connected to the human world. But you can also dive deep into different story paths unveiling the main story.

  • Species Relevance: The Adventure gives older "forgotten" Pixpet species new relevance again since you will interact with them in the realm. Meet highly intelligent and socially active Tuxo librarians or Deoliaths, which lived deep in mountains in solitude for hundreds of years.

  • Money Sink: The adventure will give new incentives to spend your hard earned Pixcoins, Super Pixcoins and Pixpet Tickets! All three currencies can be given to Pixpets for their adventures.

Newest Web-Tech

The adventure is programmed with modern web technologies. Once loaded, the game does not require any full page reloads anymore and feels like an in browser app (however it does require an internet connection). Of course, as mentioned before, it will also be mobile and touch friendly.

The Pixpet Adventure is currently under Heavy Development, but I can provide you with the first screenshot of the current development state:

Happy Playing!
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NewsNew Pixpet Arcade Game: ROODOKU
News Tags: Pixpet, Arcade, Roodoku, Sudoku, Rootax

Dec 5th, 2017
Posts: 877
Pixpets: 38
Pixdex: 12
10 Days ago
Oct 13th, 2019 - 7:42 PM
#30343 12
A new Pixpet Arcade Game is now available, the


The Pixpet Rootax has been busy creating this new game for you! The Roodoku is like a Sudoku, but with a small twist! Instead of numbers you can try solving it with Pixpet Eggs (numbers also available). Of course the Roodoku also uses Pixpet Arcade Tokens to send in Highscores. In this arcade game, you can win Pixcoins! The faster you solve th Roodoku, the more PCs you get.

< 10mins: 150 PCs
< 20 mins: 120 PCs
> 20 mins: 100 PCs

If you like those kind of numeral puzzles, this is the Arcade Game for you, where you can even win additional Pixcoins for solving. Have Fun Playing!

Please note that the Roodoku does not feature a public High Score.

Happy Roodoku Solving
26 Comments - 632 Views
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