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NewsUpdate Log : Mid May 2022
News Tags: Update, Announcement

Sep 26th, 2018
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9 Days ago
May 16th, 2022 - 6:51 PM
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Hi Players!

Hope you're enjoying the pixpal collecting insofar. A short midmonth update for now. Mostly previews as we're busy setting up new content while some old systems are getting some revamps.

This shopkeeper might be familiar to some adventure players and will be in charge of the onsite rotating shop when it goes live. Progression on the shop rotation system is going smoothly and we're quite excited to bring it to you soon.

The Match3 game is well underway and looking great so far, we're hoping to finish this around the end of the month or early next month. You can finally see whom is taking charge of the match3 board.

This strange key with a pumpkin tag has been found and we're trying to figure out where it belongs. Hopefully our detectives can solve this mystery soon.

Last but not least, the giveaway for the Canisqua Patch in the Official Pixpet Discord (donated by one of last contest's winners) is ending in 21 hours, this is your last chance to join and perhaps win it. Just react in the giveaway channel of the discord to participate. Winner will be DMed for shipping info after.

Thank you for your continued support~! See you next update cycle~!
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NewsPixpal Market Launched
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Sep 26th, 2018
Posts: 255
Pixpets: 262
Pixdex: 60
17 Days ago
May 9th, 2022 - 7:39 AM
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Short update post.

Pixpal Marketplace has been launched.

Please let us know if you run into any issues. Thank you :)
Bugfixes for housing and pixpals implemented.

The 'Easter Bunnies' & respective items have gone back into hibernation. See you again next year!
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NewsUpdate Log : April 2022 (Pixpals Launch)
News Tags: Update, Announcement, Contest, PixPet, PixPal, Minigame

Sep 26th, 2018
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Pixpets: 262
Pixdex: 60
24 Days ago
May 1st, 2022 - 6:49 PM
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Welcome to May!

We'll kick things off with the Winners from the Housing Decoration Contest!
Thank you for your participation.
Onsite prizes have been handed out. Winners will be DMed for shipping information for their physical patch prize. (You are welcome to turn it down for an onsite item if you so choose.)

Housing Decoration Set Winners
First Place : @Overcast's Astronomy Set
Second Place : @KingSpinosaurus Natural History Museum Set
Third Place : @icearashi's Gaming Set

Wall & Floor Set Winners
First Place : @ShinySaturn's Draook Sacred Forest
Second Place : @squidslugs Coral Reef Set
Third Place : @pio's Kinder Set


Next up, it's something you've been waiting for, we're entering May with the launch of the Pixpals!

You may now find pixinyte to attach to your pixpets on hoards. We hope you have fun discovering & collecting them.

New badges have been added to the compendium.
A new recipe has been added. (Pixinyte Potion)
A new potion has been added. (Pixinyte Potion)
New super potions have been added. (Pixpal related super potions)
A new plant has been added. (Bong Bong Bonsai)
21 species (with their variations) of Pixpals (inclusive of contest winners) have been released into the wild.

Edit : We are in the midst of creating a marketplace for pixinyte.


Due to it being a slightly more complex game compared to the others we've recently released, development on the match3 is still ongoing. It's shaping up nicely however.


Progression on the shop rotation system has been progressing as well, and we've started creating an exclusive to rotation shop item set as well, you might see some never seen before on the site decor for your homes if you're lucky!

We've taken note of bug reports regarding the site and adventure, such as attacks not being updated on the newer pet scrolls and are looking into it. Thank you for your patience.

With the release of pixpals, we'll resume adding quests (including contest winners) to the adventure mode this coming month while you're out collecting the pixpals.

We hope you enjoy the new content and thank you for your continued support.
Concepts and other in progress shots will be posted to Patreon later for supporters.

~The Pixpet Team
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