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NewsUpdate Log : Mid June 2022
News Tags: Update, Announcement, Contest, PixPal, Minigame

Sep 26th, 2018
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10 Days ago
Jun 19th, 2022 - 6:24 PM
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Hi friends,

A small mid month update this time. Sorry the middle of the month update is a little late, just to update you guys on what's been going on with us. Content wise, it will be a little slower for awhile with half the staff backend staff down with covid at the moment and are recovering. We apologize for the delay on features like the rotating shop.

Contest winners from last round will finally get their patches, as I've finally gotten my hands on them and will mail them out soon :) We're preparing for the next round of contests which should be posted soon as the reward is currently being worked on.

Update on the match 3 game, mechanics are being implemented and there will be lots, and lots of sparklies when things go off. Lots.

We will also be releasing a set of pixpals later this month as well, here's a preview.

Thanks for your continued support!
We'll update again soon. :)
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NewsModerator Applications are open again!
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Discord Moderator
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Jan 15th, 2018
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22 Days ago
Jun 8th, 2022 - 12:15 AM
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Alright, we're at this point again were we look for new moderators.

But first and foremost
Ever since the last application opening there has been no further official announcement about the state of new Moderators, they got added silently while we were still waiting for a few forum moderator applications to roll in.

Due to things happening in my personal life and never quite accepting any help, I found myself in a state where I was completely burned out and needed to take a break. Now, after almost half a year, I can finally say that I feel comfortable enough to step forward again and continue my background work on here.
In the coming weeks, there'll also be a few changes of the rules (some things that were mentioned over on our Discord server that caught my eye).

Now that this is out of the way, and after consulting the other moderators about the state of moderation, it's getting time that we get a little more support in all areas of moderation: Our Discord server, here on the forums and on the game.

If you want to apply for multiple positions, you can also do that. It is possible to hold multiple positions, but that comes with an increased resposibility. Remember, as moderator, you are also representing our community!

For our forum moderators, we'd like to find people that can be active during the european daytime, and for our Discord moderators people that can be active during the american and australian daytime.

We will choose moderators as their applications come in this time, and the application form will stay open until all positions are filled.

> You can find the application form here <

I wish all of the applicants best of luck!

And as always: If there are any questions, feel free to poke me about them. I wont bite!

But there's one more thing

Although many of you may have noticed already, we also got a promotion in the past months: Due to her work she puts into keeping the forums clean and her support, Forum Moderator @BK47 has joined the ranks of a Forum Super Moderator!
And yes, I know it's late. It still deserves an announcement.
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NewsUpdate Log : May 2022
News Tags: Update, Announcement, Contest, PixPet, PixPal, Minigame

Sep 26th, 2018
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Pixpets: 262
Pixdex: 60
29 Days ago
May 31st, 2022 - 5:58 PM
#44893 21
Hi players!

It's been a quiet month with us tinkering away in the background.
So to catch you all up, here we go:

First up, a message from Discord Moderator @Chicken_Raptor:
"Hey there, groovy Pixpet Peeps! It's been a wild ride these past 3 1/2 years, hasn't it? So much has changed for all of us, and there's so much in my life now that I could never have anticipated even one year ago. As these new endeavors expand, that growth has led me to focus on places where I and my attention are needed more urgently in my life. So, it's with a fond memory that I bid my position as Discord moderator farewell.

To Komodo and the rest of the team--past and present--thank you for the wonderful memories. You are all great friends and I am honored to know you all. Pixpet is in good hands and its future is bright!"

We wish him well on his new endeavors. <3 We love you Chicken~! Take Care & All the best! Thank you for generosity and hard work over the last few years! Feel free to pop in and visit anytime~


Patches from last contest will be mailed out next week, patchmaker had to attend to illness and stuff out of country so I'm not able to mail them out til next week. Hang tight :). The next line of contests will be announced after that has been done.

Next, progress on the match 3 game as been going well a small preview of how it looks at the moment:

As mentioned prior we have been preparing the Rotating Shop in which unique items can appear or even some common or rarer items. We are currently planning/populating this list now that the system has been tested and is working.
Here is a screenshot with some dummy items.

Next, we have been listening to your feedback and have thought of a creative way to introduce pixpet and pixpal storage to the site within the pixpet lore.

Last but not least, this is still in the early stages and there is alot of groundwork to cover, but we figure we'd let you in on another feature that we're looking to add to the site.

Skins & Accessories.

We are currently creating a system similar to the housing decorator for you to deck out your pets with skins and accessories. Granted this is a big undertaking as unlike regular illustrations, pixel art cannot be resized or rotated at will, so a shoutout to @Lorienee, @BK47 for their hard work.

We are aware that recently bots have been appearing on the site and are doing our best to deal with them, we thank you for your understanding and please continue to alert/report to us when you notice one. Stay safe and don't click on weird links, a shoutout too for our mods being careful and vigilant! :)

We are also aware of a bug involving pixpet sprites sometimes disappearing from their homes despite still being there and are looking into it.

We hope to update the adventure mode with the previous story contest submission & vivid cappukin and kinferno quests amongst others, now that we've got other things on the site ironed out and underway. (don't worry contest winners, we haven't forgotten to add your lovely stories!)

The next batch of pixpals and a new pixpet are in the works as well.

That about wraps it up for this month's news on what we've been doing and are preparing to launch.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

See you next month!
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