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Hello and welcome!

I wouldn't mind you calling me Star! I will try to have a pet or an egg for you guys to interact with, and I don't mind you guys asking me for stuff you need (as long as I have it). Credit to Reshiram, one of my real life best friends for showing me this awesome game, so make sure to go interact with her pets as well! I'm not always on, due to school, but when I am, I will try to return any interactions (if I dont have 10 already or you have no pets/eggs to interact with.) Thank you, and sorry for the long page description. :s
Another thing about me is that my main page description and pet descriptions are always changing from time to time, so make sure to check for anything new under both!

Some other games/youtubers I like are Undertale, Mario games, Pokemon, Minecraft, Terraria, Uno, Rocket League, COD, Vanoss and his friends, Piemations, and Revtrosity.
If your curious about my avatar pic, I made it myself.
Placed Pixpets
AvailableWhite Whiteout
Back Yard
6015#46-B Albino ColocrowNov 23rd, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
132135♀ Female4% (Super Rare)21-51 WU
Meet Whiteout!
She is extremely chill in extreme conditions and she is usually very friendly. But she is different than the others since she speaks in metaphors constantly, but some can understand what she says, while others can't. I got her egg from Winter before I moved into my new house.
On HoardWhite Icicle
Back Yard
9019#50-B Albino XeldronDec 2nd, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
132570None0.8% (Legendary)70-100 WU
Meet Icicle!
She is very strict with certain things, like cleanliness and schedules, but she gets along with others well. She always watches out for her friends, but she cares more for her brother Winter. Like Winter, she is very powerful when fighting. Her egg was retrieved by Winter after I moved into my new house, and she is my SECOND Albino Xeldron!
AvailableWhite Winter
Entrance Floor
10026#50-B Albino XeldronOct 25th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
116035None0.8% (Legendary)70-100 WU
This is Winter. He sometimes becomes very stubborn, but he is an amazing dragon. He would do anything to protect the others. He always tries to watch out for his sister, Icicle. I got his egg on Peril's first horde, and I was very happy.
On HoardPurple Peril
Entrance Floor
9224#10-A KyagrowlOct 25th, 2019
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
116001♀ FemaleNone50-80 WU
This is my first ever pet, Peril!
She is very playful and energetic. She tends to be very clumsy and can be bluntly honest at times.
She is the most loyal of all the pets. Most rumors are spread that Peril can do strange fire magic...
I finally found catnip in another player's usershop so I can evolve her! (thank you to SaburoWolfsong! )
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