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Unfortunately TailedThief doesn't have any available Pixpets at the moment. Please visit another userpage.
Thank you for all the interactions given in the past! I welcome either SLVL or Egg interactions, anything is appreciated.

I'm on a semi-hiatus until October.

Don't worry about returning interactions to me. Currently I won't have any pets available for months to come, so feel free to remove me from your backlog. Thank you, though!

All my pets:

Usershop pricing:

I'm still updating my Usershop (with potion ingredients and decorative items), selling pixpet eggs, pixpals and decorative items on the markets. You can find the full list of 20 pixpet eggs I'm selling over at this sales thread. Feel free to message me there, I login every day and I'll answer!

I'm looking to buy a Xeldron Ancestry painting for 5000 PC. I check usershops/the market for it every day. I'll buy/bid on it as soon as I spot it. You can also PM me directly to discuss a trade.

I have a Giveaway, but it's currently closed. It will reopen again closer to autumn.

My DeviantArt | Pfp by me
Placed Pixpets
AdventureYellow Ques
Nerd den
10035#001-A DraxMay 19th, 2020
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
55306♂ Male30% (Rare)0-30 WU
A sassy and peppy but kind-hearted fellow. He sports warm-yellow scales and wears an orange handkerchief around his neck, he's a tenacious, resourceful, sharp, wise and selfless to a fault drax that gets into way too much trouble and ends up getting his claws dirty in too many odd (and admittedly strange) jobs due to his curiosity and inability to say no to those in need of a helping hand. He enjoys to partake in playful mischevous antics if they're ultimately harmless and are kind no matter what. Enjoys spending moments of quiet respite in serene rural places.

Old notes

CUDDLE the Snoodle
AdventureIndigo Ark
Nerd den
10020#002-B Vivid AltudraxOct 2nd, 2021
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
253996♂ MaleNone59-89 WU
A quiet, good-natured and kind youthful Altudax. He doesn't speak much, reluctant to be loud or overly chatty, and when he does speak he is very straightforward. He seems unapproachable on the exterior, seemingly having a disinterested demeanour, as if he keeps his distance from everyone, but as soon as you interact or speak to him it turns out he is actually shy, but polite and sweet, warm, open to friendly cooperation, and ready to help. A courageous and reliable ally to have, who's loyal to his friends. He has a dorky side which he shows in a very subdued, almost sheepish fashion, but it's a kind and warm side of his which nonetheless shines through despite everything.

He was rescued by the peppy yellow Drax named Ques, when he found him wandering the Barrow Woods Forest Edge as a Glitched Drax, overcome by corruption and mind scrambled, lost in a haze of a neverending noise. Ark is grateful to Ques for cleansing him of the corruption and caring for his egg right after. Once he was able to take care of himself again, he didn't want to burden Ques any longer, and set out to explore the world on his own, choosing to leave behind the life he had before becoming corrupted, and start anew. Ques gifted Ark an evobar as a parting gift, so Ark could evolve and be strong enough to protect himself in the wild, and never fall to corruption ever again. He was reluctant to accept it due to already feeling very grateful and indepted to Ques for everything he had done for him, but Ques didn't accept no as an answer, so he complied.

Due to the stigma against Vivid pixpets, Ark often endures prejudice and fear from other pixpets, being misunderstood as inherently "evil" and accused of causing mischief and harm in conflicts he had no hand in at all, or was there to help resolve conflicts peacefully/without casualties and subsequently painted the bad guy just for being a Vivid. This is the reason he is very reserved and careful in his interactions with others, secretly always feeling anxious (though he doesn't show that he is). Being treated this way didn't sour him and didn't make him grow bitter towards others. His virtuous heart doesn't let him turn his back to the good he knows is in everyone. He always strives to do good and positively impact the lives of others to the best of his ability.

Him -> toyhou.se/10425035.arkan

Old notes

Best pal the Glizzard
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