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Welcome to the Public Page of Tyree
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I just joined and I'm excited for this game.

my pronouns are xie/xer/xim

Current knitting project: leggings
Plushies on bed: armadillo, fox, two smaller foxes Chai and Java, bear, Rosa gund bear, Flitz the moth, giant anteater, opossum, Strawberry Jellybean the pillow-shaped deer

I have a very soft young cat named Whisper. She is a gray tabby, likely a Maine cat, with gold-green eyes and a built in jetpack. That is to say, she races across the house alarmingly fast. She will have her first birthday next April, which is also my HRT anniversary.

My first pixpet

Status Miniblog
Damian has been adventuring, and he managed to turn two vivid bloomfers into eggs! I'm jazzed. I am keeping one, and selling the other on the pixpet market. And this time, I'm keeping all the random items the NPCs give me because I don't know what will be requested later while not being a key item. I've learned my lesson from Jazzy's adventures.
Placed Pixpets
Egg??? Vivid Mossatrice
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
275493???None59-89 WU
Hatching Progress:  10%
AdventureBrown Damian
Living Room
212#003-A CanisquaJan 20th, 2022
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
271251♂ Male30% (Rare)10-40 WU
I've baked up an evobar for him already, but I'll let him stay a puppy for awhile. His namesake is a weredog, a bisexual trans man, affectionate and good at crafts, a bit devious and sometimes unconsciously selfish. Damian has joined Jazzy in the ranks of adventuring pixpets.
On HoardGreen Ball
449#042-B Vivid ShileoJan 16th, 2022
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
273337♂ MaleNone31-61 WU
Stone lions will, if a dude, hold a ball under their paw, and if a gal, hold a cub. Thus the name Ball for this dude. I considered "Orb" to be fancy but "Ball" sounded better to me.
On HoardYellow Jazzy
Living Room
184#012-B Vivid MobathJan 12th, 2022
IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
274112♀ FemaleNone1-31 WU
This sweet bat eggified on an adventure by Leobar Shinx has gotten further into the adventure than any of the other pixpets I've hatched!
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Woodland Bungalow
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