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on temporary break =(

Howdy! I'm pio and I'm pumped to be here! I stumbled across pixpets when looking for a time-waster, and boi did I hit that nail on the head! >w< I am a looonnnggg time virtual pet lover, Webkinz, Tamagotchi, pokemon, marapets, iv done them all. Unfortanly as a highschool student with no income I can't buy a laptop, so I use the school-issued one. all which all the previously mentioned are blocked. (heaven forbids if someone has fun at school.) It's a blessing pixpets isn't! /w\ anyways I feel like that's enough backstory time (i have the exposition skills of an npc) onto more commonplace bio stuff... uwu

    Pronouns: she/her (ᵕ꒳ᵕ)
    SO: pan (u3◕) and dis my lovley gf- @Churrosof99
    Age: teen

    Fandoms: UT, pokemon, moomin, SM, SCP, POI, sander sides, Sonic, and soooo many mor.
    Likes: art, wholesomeness, lowfi, memes, friendos, kamojies (⑉• ༝ •⑉)*:・。
    Dislikes: Bullys, arguments, rude ppl (ᵘﻌᵘ)
    occupation: artist???
    warnings: bad speller, lowkey depressed, strange lingo, and a lil... out there?

now last but not least is my todo list, (˵ᵕ̴᷄ ᗜ ᵕ̴᷅˵)
  • adopt all the bebes (ie all the pixpets)

  • get the school looking house

  • draw art of each of my pix kids

  • make a pixpets avatar

  • make friends! (plz poke me im lonly iwi)

  • make a pixpet specif pfp

  • make custom sprites of my pixpets

  • work on pio's play-care (chpt 1)

  • mor on the way?

  • now here's a short explanation on pets info are (as if my bio wasn't long enough allready<w>) ok so the rim of pixbebes bios is there fav color, first up in the bio is a lil interaction, stats/powerups, then a description and last a list of traits

    Thanks for stopping by! come again anytime!!! ˓˓ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค˒˒

    Name: phoomp
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
    Placed Pixpets
    AvailableBlack markues
    living room
    142#055-A TechtagonSep 22nd, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    228248♂ Male42% (Normal)7-37 WU
    AvailableGreen dona
    living room
    81#014-A AntabirSep 22nd, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    156523♂ Male12% (Very Rare)45-75 WU
    AvailableGreen Veemooth
    living room
    00#016-A VeemoothSep 23rd, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    183878♂ Male65% (Common)15-45 WU
    AvailableRed herie
    Front Yard
    10063#030-A PydeerApr 30th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    180941♂ Male14% (Very Rare)40-70 WU
    *this deer sits behind the short garden wall, legs folded up underneath him, on a quaint picnic blanket. a half-eaten bag-o-chips lies next to him. he barely turns his head your way as you pass*

    POWER UP- mint tea or hot cocoa

    herie can be a bit cold at times. both literally and figuratively. but usually, it's just because he doesn't quite understand how feelings work? he tries his best to be nice but often others misinterpret his intentions. he is always cuddled up with scarves and even a coat in the colder months of the year. (yes, yes he does look utterly ridiculous) he doesn't mind being outside in summer or spring, but during winter and fall he seriously considers chopping off his horns to fit in the door. (of course, beebly would never let him get away with that)

    recently beebly brought out a book to stand on, so he could see above the garden wall, herie, however, was more interested in the book than the passing ice cream truck. he was insistent on learning to read, so after much hard work, I've got a book worm of a deer!

    herie had been getting splitting headaches of late, so i brought him to the vet. turns out all that reading has put a strain on his eyes. its been fixed with a pair of bookish glasses.

    avoids sneekou at all costs, rather friendly with the twins, elain rubs him the wrong way, indifferent to chezo

  • shy

  • avid reader

  • colects rocks

  • always chilly

  • low key scared of eggs
  • AvailablePurple Dracula
    Entrance Floor
    10045#015-C Nightshade SunobraDec 20th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    180648♀ Female4% (Super Rare)25-55 WU
    *the twins both stare at you as you enter the room. they mirror each other's movements as they greet you. this one seems frendly*

    POWER UP- lemon pop
    AvailableRed Alucard
    Entrance Floor
    10043#015-A SunobraDec 19th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    187090♀ Female40% (Normal)25-55 WU
    *the twins both stare at you as you enter the room. they mirror each other's movements as they greet you. this one seems cold*

    POWER UP- blood orange pop

    Shileo egg count- o o o o o o o o o
    AdventureYellow sneekou
    pios room
    10057#012-A MobathMay 13th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    183269♀ Female65% (Common)1-31 WU
    *as you walk down the street you feel a wee tap on your head. its a pebble. probably upturned by one of the passing cars. as you continue walking a stick, bottle cap and pulled up dasiy all grace your noggin. well your not really walking now, more of a trot. light bulb. welcome mat. canisqua bone. you've got quite a headache now. a hubcap barely misses your crown and clatters on the concrete. a caterwauling feline scratches up you already sore head as you sprint away*

    POWER UP- blue lagoon cupcake

    sneekou is an actual goblin. she can and will prank you until you have PTSD at the mere sight of a mobath. she means it all in good fun tho. (at least I hope so...)

    this demon child is a sugar addict. her screech of joy at the first sign of cupcakes has such a high count of decibels it may actually cause internal bleeding

    sneekou rarely sleeps, well never actually. she stays up until she crashes from sleep deprivation and passes out. when she wakes up again after a day or two she'll keep on running until the next fall

    turns out she loves to draw, its actually kept her busy and the amount of pranks has gone down substantially. strangely enough, a scientific blueprint was found in her pile of drawings.

    sneekou really only tolerates herie and elain, considers beebs a playmate, plots with Aluacard, teases Dracula but she's found a true friend in chezo. they make the oddest couple. often sneekou will pearch on chezo's head like a tiny furry gargoyle. the two of them make quite the sight

  • hyper godlin child

  • spoild favroiout

  • fixes anything that breaks not anymore that's Alucards thing now

  • dislikes butterscoth
  • AvailableBrown chezo
    zen garden
    10058#044-A ShirokingMay 12th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    176704♀ FemaleNone70-100 WU
    *as you go to pet the guardian, she freezes, or at least that's what pio claims, as you've never seen he move your self. Between the stone-like pelt and unmovable position, you almost suspect that it's not really a real pixel just a clay carved statue.

    POWER UP- ???

    chezo is akin to an old war dog. she is strict and dicktisious. her loyalty and strength know no bounds. she considers herself judge, jury, and executioner as well. you definitely want her in your corner of a fight.

    when ever the household gets in a kerfuffle chezo is surely the one to stop it. usually, it only takes a disapproving glower from her and the next thing you know, everyone is in there rightful place. its awful conveieant

    chezo has evolved quickly from form to form, now in her final stage she is truly a sight to behold. her reign over the household is watertight.

    there is one particular goblin who won't respect chezo's iron fist. no matter ho hard chezo trys to coral sneekou she never makes any progress. her first weeks of life she absolutely loathed sneekou. but strangely enough, they both came to an agreement. even stranger yet is the fact that they have become quite close now.
    AvailableOrange bento
    zen garden
    10027#L02-A Noo-LongDec 21st, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    183565None1.8% (Legendary)70-100 WU
    AvailableMagenta elain
    Entrance Floor
    10035#L01-A FinngriffFeb 15th, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    183481None2% (Legendary)70-100 WU
    *the Finngriff lounges comftablely next to the record player, eyes closed, head nodding to the beat. When xey notice you Xey bound over in a flash and rub agents your legs like an oversized kitten*

    POWER UP- those boping tunes
    AdventureWhite beebly
    living room
    10068#006-A UrsufuzzApr 28th, 2020
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    180897♂ MaleNone60-90 WU
    *the lill bear watches you from behind a bush. You wave at him and he casually walks over, you give him some pet pats, and the next thing you know he's practically sprawled in your lap*

    POWER UP- green apple pop

    he's a little shy when you first meet him but he warms up fast. In no time you'll be best friends, as if you've known each other for years! loves to cuddle and give kisses, and will most likely cover you in hair. (hope you brought a roller!)

    beebs loves collecting all the fruit bean bags. it combines two of his favorite things, food, and naps!

    he was so surprised when Herie popped out of the little egg he had been guarding! his little brother was... b i g. beebly quickly adapted however and climbed onto heries horns and gave him a few head pats!

    beeblys been down ever since herie hatched, beebs loves his lil bro but misses having an egg to cuddle with. beebly's an egg momma at heart. I bought him a stone egg to cheer him up, and he loves it!!

    soon after the introduction of baba (he named the stone egg>w<) beebs soon evolved! hes living his best life with his bro and eggo.

    for some absurd reason beebs doesn't like chezo one bit. I can't for the life of me figure out why...

    beebs simply adores his new goblin of a sis. He will let sneekou ride around on his back. they parade all over the neighborhood in this manner, but even my sweet angle cant keep sneekou from trouble for long.

    after my long break i came back to see i had gotten both bora eggs, beebs watched them as egg babies and will kip an eye on em for a while yet. beebs doesn't quite understand the twins but loves them anyway.

    considers himself elains dad.

  • watches eggs

  • food lover

  • baby boy uwu

  • loves adventuring w/ his bro
  • AvailableIndigo anne
    pios room
    7518#011-A BloomferApr 9th, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    222680♀ Female65% (Common)0-30 WU
    AvailableYellow jasper
    mushroom cottage
    6918#038-C Crocus ShluppbunApr 9th, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    234479♂ MaleNone1-31 WU
    AvailableGray brukie
    pios room
    5714#045-A KrashApr 11th, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    228265♂ Male3% (Super Rare)54-84 WU
    AvailableMagenta erin
    Entrance Floor
    6816#033-A PonyataApr 11th, 2021
    IDGenderRarityLifting Capacity
    181076♂ Male4% (Super Rare)61-91 WU
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