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Niluna's Pixpet Gallery
Vivid Unicubb Amigurumi
The Vivid Unicubb is by far my favourite Pixpet so I decided to make this little one.

It's 10cm tall and took me about a day of trial and error to create a pattern for it.
Despite the colours not being completely accurate, I really like like how it turned out.

Tags: vivid, unicubb, crochet
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Category: Pixpet Crafts (Plushies etc.)
Pixpet: #005-B Vivid Unicubb
Uploaded: 1 Year ago
Mar 11th, 2023 - 1:39 PM
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Vivid Unicubb Amigurumi (5 Comments)
Early Adopter

Dec 22nd, 2017
Posts: 113
Pixpets: 250
Pixdex: 145
1 Year ago
Mar 14th, 2023 - 5:59 AM
Nr. 1 #2043
It's sooo adorable! :D
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Aug 11th, 2019
Posts: 54
Pixpets: 88
Pixdex: 114
1 Year ago
Mar 19th, 2023 - 11:44 PM
Nr. 2 #2044
Omg this is the cutest thing ever!!
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Early Adopter

Feb 24th, 2018
Posts: 161
Pixpets: 174
Pixdex: 141
1 Year ago
Mar 21st, 2023 - 2:43 AM
Nr. 3 #2045
oh this is so cute! I've been working on figuring out making little crochet splatoon squids over the past couple days myself. I'm a novice so they are flat for the time being as I just figure out how to approximate the shapes I want
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Sep 26th, 2018
Posts: 422
Pixpets: 262
Pixdex: 60
1 Year ago
Mar 24th, 2023 - 3:58 PM
Nr. 4 #2053
That is absolutely adorable! Well made :D

Nov 21st, 2022
Posts: 37
Pixpets: 49
Pixdex: 18
1 Year ago
Mar 29th, 2023 - 7:05 PM
Nr. 5 #2058
You should totally sell these on Etsy or something, I would definitely buy one!!!
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