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Find and comment on the latest news concerning the development of here!

16 New Decorative Objects Added: Rugs!
Last post by: DraconicMusic
Last Update:
1 Hour ago

Topics: 122
Posts: 1466
Pixpet Site
PixPet Events
All currently running events will have their Topics in here!

Crack The Egg Code - Easter Event
Last post by: timeblitz
Last Update:
1 Day ago

Topics: 5
Posts: 149
Site Discussion
Everything concerning Pixpet that doesn't fit into the other forums belongs here.

The Hatchery
Last post by: Alzoru
Last Update:
1 Hour ago

Topics: 67
Posts: 2948
Game Guides
User-Written Guides to PixPet. Note that new topics need to be approved by a Forum Moderator before they will be published!

Complete PixPet Overview + Visualized WU Ranges
Last post by: VampVixen
Last Update:
2 Hours ago

Topics: 18
Posts: 392
Dealers Den
This forum is for advertising your market auctions/usershop/personal trades or searching for items.

SellSelling Misc. Things [Updated stock]
Last post by: OtaPotato
Last Update:
7 Hours ago

Topics: 216
Posts: 4856
Site Help and Questions
Need any help or do you have questions about pixpet? Post them here!

How to sell eggs
Last post by: icearashi
Last Update:
7 Days ago

Topics: 158
Posts: 636
Site Bugs
Please report all bugs and inconsistencies here that you can find. Thank you for helping us to improve!

Auction bid order mess up
Last post by: Isegard
Last Update:
1 Day ago

Topics: 144
Posts: 763
A General Board to collect al your suggestions! Please keep in mind that not every suggestion will make it into the game!

Improvementpixpet egg in usershop
Last post by: LuciDatum
Last Update:
5 Hours ago

Topics: 53
Posts: 554
General Discussion
Discuss anything here that doesn't fit into any other category.

What’s your mood today
Last post by: Alzoru
Last Update:
3 Hours ago

Topics: 60
Posts: 1942
A place to organize roleplays which can be played here or on our discord server.

Nafinian Nexus, my magnum opus RP
Last post by: Alzoru
Last Update:
1 Day ago

Topics: 13
Posts: 198
Forum Games
This board is for all kinds of forum games. Post counter is off!

How well are you known on Pixpet?
Last post by: Alzoru
Last Update:
1 Hour ago

Topics: 26
Posts: 1352
Pixpet Currency Commissions
This board is for artwork commissions in pixpet currency. Set up your art shop here!

Mahu's Commisions [Closed]
Last post by: MahuruRaji
Last Update:
3 Hours ago

Topics: 60
Posts: 1144
Creative Stuff
Pixpet Artwork Share
A board to share and comment on artwork that is related to Pixpet!

Imps personal pixdex
Last post by: Salts
Last Update:
4 Days ago

Topics: 36
Posts: 418
General Artwork Share
A board to share and comment on any kind of artwork done by you!

Jay's Art Dump
Last post by: JayJem
Last Update:
1 Day ago

Topics: 53
Posts: 476
PixPet Writing
A board to share all PixPet Related stories you are writing or have written!

Alzoru's World of Stories and Stuff
Last post by: Alzoru
Last Update:
1 Day ago

Topics: 5
Posts: 17
General Writing
A board to share all types of stories you are writing or have written!

A new World - A different postapocalyptic Story? I don't know...
Last post by: Takkju
Last Update:
1 Month ago

Topics: 2
Posts: 5
Patreon Users
Patreon Help and Questions
Got any questions about Patreon Tiers or have trouble connecting your Patreon account with Pixpet? Post your concerns here and we're glad to help!

Forgot to reconnect Patreon account, did not recieve April rewards
Last post by: Komodo
Last Update:
11 Days ago

Topics: 3
Posts: 17
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