Game and Forum Rules
Please read through the following rules carefully before you start posting on the forums or play the game. Violating the rules may cause you to lose certain rights and/or may even result in a permanent ban from this site.

1. Game Rules

1.1 Multiple Accounts
Every user is only allowed to have one account. Multiple accounts may be banned without warning.

1.2 Scripts and Unnecessary Server Load
Scripts and bots which interact with the game as well as the creation of unnecessary server load is forbidden and results in a ban.

1.3 Pixpet- and Usernames
Do not use any offensive or bad words in the names of your pixpets. Username change is possible but is only done with a good reason given.

1.4 Home Grid Arrangements
Decorating your home in a way that creates offensive symbols or words is forbidden and results in a ban.

2. Forum Rules

2.1 Forum Etiquette
To maintain a positive atmosphere, be nice to other users and treat them like you want to be treated yourself. Insults and malevolent behavior will not be tolerated.

2.2 Forum Language
The forum language is English. Posts in any other language will be deleted. This rule is in place to make sure as many people as possible understand the conversations. Also try to articulate yourself as clear as possible.

2.3 Pornography and Inappropriate/Hateful Contents
Pixpet as a whole is a completely SFW (Safe For Work) space. Pornographic as well as explicit fetish material will not be tolerated. Providing racist, hateful, bullying and generally malevolent content results in a warning or ban. This counts for posts as well as links to such contents.

2.4 Copyright and Sources
Only post images and upload avatars which you have permission to do so. If unsure always give a link to the source.

2.5 Smiley Spam
Smiley spam is not allowed. If your post contains more than 10 smilies in total or more than 4 smilies in a row it is considered smiley spam and results in a warning.

2.6 General Spam
Posting unrelated content or mass creation of topics and posts is considered spam and may result in a warning or ban. Do not create more than 3 posts in a row in the same topic and use the edit function for recent posts.

2.7 Signatures
For the signatures, the same rules apply as for the content (2.3). Please avoid too flashy gifs in signatures. Simple animations like the forum smileys are fine.
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