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Dec 5th, 2017
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Oct 4th, 2018 - 5:11 PMReportPost Nr. 1 #935
There has just been a huge code update that optimized a lot of the internal processes. Basically every forum and personal message script has been improved as well as some game scripts to make it easyer for future updates to be implemented.

There are little improvements all over the site and some new forum features!

  • Signatures: It is now possible to set a signature in the forums which is displayed under each of your posts. The signatures can be styled to your hearts content. However please avoid animated images in the signatures! It is also possible to turn them off.

  • Favorite Pixpet: You can now choose your favourite Pixpet which is displayed under your avatar. You can select all Pixpets that are registered in your Pixdex so far.

  • Tagging: It is now possible to tag people while replying to or writing a new topic. Tagging people is done by adding the @ symbol in front of the username.

  • Forum Messages: Equivalent to the game messages, there are now forum messages which display if you have been tagged by someone. If someone quotes your post, you will be informed!

  • Marking Topics as Read: Finally, the forum keeps track of which topics you opened already and stores this information within your account. No more confusion upon what topics have been read and not.

  • Image Enlargeable BBCode: There is now a BBCode that allows for images to be enlarged when clicked on.

  • BBCodes: Some BBCodes will not create extra line breaks anymore.

  • Line Spacing: Line spacing is now bigger to improve readability.

The new forum features can be found under:
Forum -> Main Menu -> Forum Messages
Forum -> Main Menu -> Profile

There have been some general improvements:

  • Improved display of new messages.

  • Userpages now display if you befriended/blocked a user already.

Such big updates always bring the risk of new bugs, so if you find something please report it to the forums!

Have Fun!
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