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Wayvern's Pixpet Blueprint - Story of the Hellswing (1 Post and 144 Views)
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Dec 1st, 2018
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2 Years ago
Aug 12th, 2019 - 7:48 PM
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Hellswing origins ~ by Wayvern

You may have heard about a Hellhounds, but did you know that there are different breeds of Hellhounds?

Let me introduce you to a Pixpet Hellhound, the winged Hellhound called the Hellswing

The Hellswing ancestors originally only had the one head, but as evolution tends to do, a mutation was hatched every now and then which had two heads. Normally these mutated offspring didn’t survive, as two heads often resulted in an imbalance and the Pixpets organs could not provide the support that the two headed pups required, and the pup would often become sickly and die. On one occasion though evolution got it right - a Hellswing pup was hatched with two heads that survived! Not only did it survive, but it thrived. This time evolution had got it right.

The healthy Pixpet pup grew and had an abundance of energy just like its siblings, yet it seemed much smaller than the other pups of the same age. The pup’s parents were delighted that their pup had survived, so never really worried too much about the lack of size in their tiny charge, especially since the Pixpet pup seemed to be stronger than the other siblings despite its diminutive stature. As its siblings grew into maturity the young Pixpet also came into maturity of its own. Only two thirds the size of others of its kind, the now mature Pixpet was twice as strong as the other adults.

With maturity, another surprize also came….

All Hellswings are good at sensing fire, even when that fire is miles away and cannot be seen by the naked eye. They can tell the speed that a fire is spreading, direction and ferocity. They know when a fire is going to change direction before anybody else is even aware that it is going to happen. They are also impervious to the fires heat, this makes them excellent when it comes to fighting this menace. If you manage to see a Hellswing, it is often helping fire crews who can be seen building firewalls during a dry season to hold off the massive fires that can engulf whole areas of dry forest.

One day the two headed Hellswing was helping one of these crews in fighting a large wildfire that was getting too close to a small village. The village had already been evacuated earlier, but the homes of the Pixpets were still in danger. They had nearly finished digging the protective firewall, just in time to prevent the village from being destroyed by the hungry flames of the fire inferno that was quickly approaching the location. Unbeknown to the fire crew, one of the young pixpets from the village had stayed behind and had been admiring the fire crew as they worked while hidden from view. The young Pixpet however had moved closer, and somehow ended up on the wrong side of the firewall. As the fire licked at the foulage around it, greedily engulfing dry leaves and moving through the foulage at an alarming rate, a massive tree finally gave way to the hungry flames and started to collapse, heading straight for the area where the young Pixpet was hiding.

As the Hellwing has two heads it is able to keep a vigilant watch with one of its heads, while the other head concentrates on the work of digging the firewall with it’s large claws. It looked around as it heard the loud cracking of the mighty tree as it started to fall a safe distance away from the fire crew, it glimpsed the young Pixpet who was right in the trees path. With no time to spare, jumping into action, and using its natural speed, the Hellswing rushed into the trees path in an attempt to snatch up the young Pixpet before the fire ridden tree could claim the young Pixpets life. Unfortunately, at the same moment the young Pixpet also saw the tree falling and, in its haste to escape it tripped on a tree root which is sticking out of the ground. The incident lost precious time, and as the Hellswing finally managed to clutch the terrified pixpet and embrace it close to its body, the tree was upon them.

This was when something unexpected happened - the Hellswing felt a sudden extra spike of fear as it realised that both itself and the young pixpet were going to be struck, and possibly killed by the huge tree. This rush of extra adrenalin sparked something deep inside its gems core, like a small flame that had always been there suddenly becoming a large inferno. The once small Hellswing suddenly found itself growing, becoming three times its usual size! As the tree struck, the Hellswing caught it with one large swipe of its huge paw. Now much stronger, the tree was easily swiped harmlessly aside, coming to a bouncing stop as it crashed into the nearby flames of the wildfire.

The Hellswing had saved both itself and the young Pixpets life, and in the process had found a new ability never saw before in the Pixpet world, the ability to transform into a larger, and much stronger version of itself. From that day on the Hellswing could bring on this transformation at will whenever it was needed it.

This new ability was coveted by the other Hellswings, and the others of its species often competed for the two headed Hellswings favour, hoping that their offspring would inherit the same special abilities. As the years and centuries went by, the special abilities of this Hellswing have passed down through the generations and have always been sort after by others, until generations later the original one headed Hellswing have become the minority, thought to be close to extinction, while the two headed Hellswing with its special abilities have continued to be seen, if you are lucky to find one that is. There have even been some reports of a three headed Hellswing …

Story and Pixpet design inspired by The Pixpet Blueprint Event which was generously hosted by Ignis, the Chief of the Pixpet fire department:

The Chief after a hard days work
Wayvern's Signature

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