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RulesUser Game Guide Guidelines (1 Post and 202 Views) (Closed) (Sticky)
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Oct 29th, 2019 - 10:22 PM
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Along with these board rules, our general forum rules apply on this board too!

About Game Guides

    Game Guides are little (or big) blocks of text that go deeper in a mechanic or a feature of the game and explain said mechanic/feature. These guides are written by our community, and there can therefor be some errors here and there. Everyone can write a guide to a topic that isn't already existing, however new guides need to be approved by our forum moderators!

Game Guide Guidelines

    1. Keep Your Guide Up2Date

      PixPet is a game that constantly undergoes a lot of changes. Sometimes the changes will affect mechanics of the game that you made a guide of. If that happens, make sure to update your guide ASAP! Our staff is not responsible for the content of outdated guides! Outdated guides will, however, be deleted!

    2. Language and Format

      When writing a guide, use an easy to understand language and use proper text formatting so it's easy to read. Avoid one-liners like "Klick here to get a list of brown items!".

    3. Avoid Duplicate Guides

      If a guide on the topic you want to cover already exists, don't create a new one. If it is missing information, you can either reply on that board or DM the writer of the guide with your provided information.
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