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Pydeer Deliverer - Everything! (4 Posts and 207 Views)
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Jan 30th, 2018
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2 Years ago
May 21st, 2020 - 8:23 PM
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Pydeer Deliverer is, in this poster's opinion, the absolute best way to get pixpet food. With a little practice and some understanding of the game, you could pretty quickly make 1000 food per ticket per day. There is a cap of 2400 food pellets per ticket, so if you score 1200 or more for each PAT, you can earn a maximum of 7200 food per day. As it stands, I'm usually able to support 11 pixpets on hoards, all over level 70, with 3 plays per day. And as a once long-standing high score holder for the game, I hope that my insights can help you guys knock me down off the trophies some day!

For ease of explanation, I will refer to vertical position as y and horizontal position as x, just like a 2D coordinate plane!

Here is a link to a video showing off most of the skills explained in this tutorial. And it's a nice run to 936 points! It was a good candidate for 1000 points, but very unlucky situations ended the run.

There are 4 different enemies. In order of appearance: Mobath, Taffyglider, Troffinch, Parrogrine

Mobath - The first enemy you will encounter; it spawns at a random y on the top 3/4 of the screen, and will move up and down in a small range. They usually spawn in lines of one or two, but I have seen lines as long as 5 in a row! They stop spawning after 200 points.

Taffyglider - These enemies spawn at the same y as the player, and follow the player's y movements with a small delay. They can be challenging enemies to dodge, especially when lines of more than 2 spawn, and most especially when they spawn with other enemies on the screen. They never stop spawning.

Troffinch - This enemy has 2 attacks; the most common attack is a divebomb from the sky, the second is a flying V of 5 from the right side of the screen. The divebomb spawns at the player's x, and the center of the flying V spawns somewhere along y. Divebombers, for me, the most common game-ending enemy, especially when I have to fly towards the top of the screen. They start spawning after 200 points and do not stop.

Parrogrine - This is the last enemy you'll see. It spawns somewhere on y stays on the right side of the screen, following the player up and down y for about 3 seconds before flying in a very fast, straight line horizontal attack at the player. They often spawn alone but I have had up to 3 spawn in quick succession. They start spawning at 400 points and do not stop, but they are a relatively rare enemy to encounter.

This game is all about dodging. Knowing how to dodge and drop packages efficiently will bring that 500 points score well within your reach on a daily basis. However, there are 3 "difficulties" to play that will affect how many points each gift is worth. This can be changed by clicking "Lives" on the starting screen.


3 Lives

6 points

12 points

24 points

2 Lives

8 points

16 points

32 points

1 Life

10 points

20 points

40 points

If you can master the skills in this guide, playing on 2 hearts is an extremely efficient way to score between 500 and 750 points to get through 3 plays in a day quickly. I personally reached my highest scores on 3 lives mode, and I feel the extra life is necessary to get you through the unlucky situations that you have to take a hit. 1 life is almost entirely based on luck. The points come fast but any unlucky hit and it's over. For the purpose of the guide, I recommend playing 3 lives mode.

Coins are worth 5 points. If you have full health, hearts give you 5 points. Ice hearts don't give any points, but make you invincible for 5 seconds.

The main goal is to drop gifts down chimneys. The points earned depend only on the color of the gift, and the colors are randomized with green being the most common, silver being uncommon, and gold being rare. Because there is no means to predict the gift color, waste as few gifts as possible. As a general rule, do not chase risky power ups if you can avoid it. Prioritize hearts as they will replenish any hit you take trying to get them. Ice hearts and coins can be left alone especially if you may take a hit to get them. We also want to try and drop gifts as often as possible. New chimneys don't spawn until the screen is clear, so the sooner we make it drop and the faster it leaves the screen, the sooner we will get a new chimney, meaning more points per second.

0 - 200 points - The only goal here is to get hit as little as possible. You want to reach 200 points with 3 hearts, but definitely not less than 2. Power ups are pretty common in this range, so don't fret if you take a hit here and there, it's likely that you'll find a heart to refill your health. Stay at the top of the screen as much as possible; this makes you ready to drop gifts in any height of chimney and the only time you have to dodge is when mobath spawn at the very top of the screen or if Taffygliders appear.

I tend to hover here, as it keeps me as close to the right while giving me plenty of time to react to enemy spawns

200 - 400 points - Mobath disappear and Troffinch become a huge nuisance. The real game begins here, as we stop playing at the top of the screen and play almost exclusively at the bottom. We also are not going to static drop gifts anymore; moving left to right in one consistent motion will make it harder for sudden Troffinch divebombs to hit us. Move up as little as possible, and avoid moving straight up at all. Troffinch stay in the same x as they fall from y, so if you move diagonally upwards you will have a much better chance of dodging them. My preferred movement is up and backwards, but when Taffygliders are on the screen, moving down and forwards works well. This requires us to move the Taffygliders to about mid screen first, so make sure to move backwards and up to do this. At this point in the game, any power up that spawns at the very top of the screen is an extremely risky grab if we don't have to go to the top to clear a chimney.

We can't risk being at the top of the screen anymore. Stick down here, and move diagonally upwards to clear chimneys

400+ points - Parrogrine start to get peppered in as an enemy. There is nothing to do here but to learn their timing. They always stay to the far right for the same amount of time, so once you get a rhythm, moving up or down just before they rocket towards you is a trivial task, and we can combine it with moving diagonally to easily dodge them. At thing point in the game, enemy spawns are now more frequent, and you will soon find yourself mixing your dodging strategies together into a dance that will keep your fingers moving across the arrows more often than not.

I will not cover how to dodge Mobath as they are pretty self explanatory. There will be instances where you have the highest chimney spawn and a Mobath spawning right over the top of it. Of all the situations where dodging is just impossible, this one is the most common, and fortunately Mobath are gone after 200 points.

Taffygliders are easy to dodge alone, but when they string together in lines of two or three, it can get tricky. With 2, you can often dodge diagonally over or under them before they can adjust their y to hit you. But with 3, you will most likely need to dodge up or down in between the last 2. Because you always have forward momentum, you'll also need to tap the back arrow key to get between them without hitting the third.

This pattern will be what you use the vast majority of the time to dodge these

Troffinch divebombers will end your game the most, more than likely. But there are some key points about them that will help avoid them.

1. They fall at the exact same rate that the player moves downward. That means if you're moving down, a Troffinch will never hit you until you get to the bottom of the screen.

2. They do not move along x. They stay locked in the same x position even as the screen scrolls forward, meaning that any left or right movement will safely put you out of the way.

Because of these, make it a strong practice that you drop gifts while moving forward, and then immediately fly back down to the bottom of the screen. The more down and side to side movement you have, the easier it will be to dodge them. Moving upwards is both the riskiest and most common move you'll need to make, so make sure you move diagonally as much as possible.

The flying V spawns somewhere along y, often towards the middle but they can spawn at the extreme top and bottom of the screen. My personal choice is to go below them whenever possible, and then move up in between the second and third column where the y gap between them is widest. If you're very unlucky, a divebomber will drop on you the moment you start moving up between them, locking out the column and making the attack impossible to dodge. There's nothing you can do about this, so just pray. It's not common, but it does happen.

Fortunately for us as well, the flying V moves along x faster than Taffygliders, so we can often avoid a combined attack by dodging one before the other.

Parrogrine are just a matter of timing. This is something that playing over and over will give you a feel for, and eventually you'll be able to swoop around them with ease. When multiple Parrogrine start to queue up, you have to keep track of how many have appeared since they will pile on top of each other. Keep note of the timing between their appearance, and you will be able to dance around them while focusing on any other enemies that appear in the mean time. They also have a delay in following you up and down y, much like Taffygliders. Use this to your advantage; you don't have to be extra precise dodging exactly when they fly towards you, you should start a half second early.

For both Taffygliders and Parrogrine, I tend to move towards the back of the screen first. This way, if there are multiple Taffygliders, I can count how many come in and dodge based on that. It also gives enough room behind the Taffygliders at the front of the screen to dodge up or down if needed. Parrogrine move extremely fast; if I'm slightly late in dodging up or down due to other enemies on the screen, this gives just a little extra time to get out of the way. Be careful, though, because you will have to dodge forward to get out of the way of divebombing Troffinch.

The only thing left are ice hearts. These make you invincible for 5 seconds. Whenever I get these, I move as far forward and vertical as I can, with enough space to accurately react to incoming chimneys. I want to get as many gifts down as possible in 5 seconds to truly utilize the invincibility time. Most of the time I can grab an ice heart and drop gifts into 3 chimneys before it runs out. But if I'm particularly lucky, I can get 4. Be mindful of how much invincibility is left. There's no meter to tell you, and any enemy colliding with you will cause damage. Rush through enemies into open spaces, or even dodge them as if there was no invincibility, just in case.

Combine all of these things, add in just a little luck, and perhaps I'll see you on the high score table with me!
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Apr 18th, 2020
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2 Years ago
May 22nd, 2020 - 1:24 AM
Nr. 2 #36492 2
These are great tips, thank you!
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Jun 30th, 2019
Posts: 41
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2 Years ago
Jun 11th, 2020 - 2:50 PM
Nr. 3 #36734 1
Thank you so much for this helpful guide.!! I got so much into pydeer deliverer thanks to this guide that I play it daily to get as many pellets as I can. And I just managed to score the top score on the whole server, haha.! Thank you so much for making this amazing guite.!! <3
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Jan 30th, 2018
Posts: 73
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2 Years ago
Jun 11th, 2020 - 3:49 PM
Nr. 4 #36737 1

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