Game Guide
Welcome to the game guide! Each part of the guide is dedicated to a page in the Pixpet Game.
The Game Guide is identical to the ingame Tutorial.
1. Pixpet Inventory
Game Menu -> Pixpets -> Pixpet Inventory

The Pixpet Inventory functions as an overview of all of your pets. Currently, there is space for 100 of them. From here you can place Pets on your Home Grid which is the black area to the right in the game. Pixpet Eggs will only hatch if you place them in your home. Once your Pixpet hatches, you can send it on a Hoard.

It is also possible to place Eggs on the Pixpet Market, release Pixpets or name them after they hatch.

2. Pixpet Food
Game Menu -> Pixpets -> Pixpet Food

Pixpets need food to go on hoards. Otherwise they don't need to be fed.
Any kind of Pumpkin Product can be turned into food. Pumpkin products have a grade from 0-100. The higher the grade, the more food pellets a pumpkin product will give.

3. Pixpet Overview
Game Menu -> Pixpets -> Pixpet Inventory -> Click on any Pet

This is a long one, but the most important part of the tutorial, so stay with me!

The Pixpet Overview page will display all information about the selected Pixpet. Once a Pixpet hatches, you can send it on a hoard, evolve it and get sharing links.

  • Color: The color of the Pixpet. A Pixpet with the color "cyan" can only find other Pixpets with the potential for this color. Also it can only find cyan colored items. There are 16 different colors.

  • LVL: The level of the Pixpet. The higher the LVL, the rarer items and Pixpet Eggs can it find. To increase the LVL, a pet must collect hoard experience (HEXP).

  • SLVL: The Satisfaction Level of the Pixpet. The higher the SLVL, the higher is the chance to find items on hoards. It also increases the quantity of the finds. To increase the SLVL, a pet must live in a comfortable environment. The rarer decorative items are placed in your home, the higher the SLVL will be. Another way to increase the SLVL, is if other people interact with your Pixpets on your public user page.

  • HEXP: The amount of Hoard Experience. After each hoard, a pet gains Hoard Experience depending on its finds. With enough HEXP, a Pixpet can increase his LVL.

  • Gender: The gender of the Pixpet. It has currently no influence on the game.

  • Hatchday: The Hatchday of the Pixpet.

  • ID: The Pixpets unique ID. It is sometimes useful to be 100% sure about which pet you currently deal with.

  • Hoard: The number of hoards you sent the Pixpet on already.

  • Species: The Pixpet Species.

  • Rarity: The Pixpets Species Rarity. Rare species can only be found by high level Pixpets.

  • Lifting Capacity: The Lifting Capacity of a Pixpet. Pets can only find decorative items which are in its lifting range.

Hoards: In order to send a Pixpet on a hoard, it needs Pixpet Food. It has the potential to find many kinds of items as well as Pixcoins. To increase the chance of finding certain items, you can give a Pixpet up to three Potions. After a Pixpet returns, it gains HEXP and needs some resting time until it can go onto the next hoard.

Evolutions: Some Pixpets have multiple evolution stages. An evolution can change the pets Lifting Capacity and (potentially) the Color. An evolution can only be done if the pet reached a certain minimum level. To trigger an evolution, you must feed your Pixpet with a fitting Evobar. It is also possible to reverse an evolution with a Reverse Evobar.

Sharing Links: Share your public user page to attract people which can interact with your Pixpets. It will temporarily increase the SLVL of your placed pets.

4. Pixdex
Game Menu -> Pixpets -> Pixdex

The Pixdex lists all currently available Pixpets. Once a Pixpet hatches, the Pixdex entry will be added. It also lists additional information for each discovered pet:

  • Index: The number in the index stands for the species while the letter stands for the color variation.

  • Hatch Duration: The amount of time a Pixpet must be placed in your home until it hatches.

  • Pixpet Type: The Pixpet Type is an additional classification of the species. It is important for evolutions since it can only evolve with the correct Pixpet Type Evobar.

  • Color Group Chances: Those are the chances for the color the pixpet will have after hatching.

  • Additional Info: Here you can find the gender ratio and the average height/weight of a Pixpet. Those numbers have no influence on the game.

One of the goals of the game is to fill in the whole Pixdex.

5. Item Inventory
Game Menu -> Item Inventory

The Item Inventory holds all items you own. The space is currently limited to 200 slots, however you can make more space by placing items in your home. There are many different item types which are divided into two main categories: Decorative Items and Consumable Items. Decorative items are used to decorate your home and increase your Pixpets Satisfaction Level (SLVL). Consumable items can be used by you and your Pixpets for the games progress.

Items can have different attributes:

  • Color: All decorative items and some consumable items have an assigned color. Only Pixpets with the same color can find those items. Colors are also important while Brewing Potions since the color is passed down onto the Potion.

  • Grade: Some consumable items have a grade which reaches from 0-100. The grade decides on how valuable an item is. The grade is also passed down while Brewing Potions.

  • Rarity: Similar to Pixpets, most items have a rarity value too which decides on how often it can be found on hoards. Items with a very low rarity value are rare finds.

  • Mass: Decorative items have a mass which decides on what Pixpets can find it. Only Pixpets with the right Lifting Capacity Range can find a certain decorative item.

  • Multiplication: All consumable items that are of the same kind can be multiplied up to 99 if they have the same grade and color. Decorative items cannot be multiplied.

  • Stackability: Some decorative items are defined as Ground (like a table) on which other items can be stacked on (when placed in your home). All consumable items can be stacked on those special decorative items. This attribute is purely aesthetic.

  • Location: This attribute defines if an item can be placed inside or outside or everywhere on your home grid. All consumable items can be placed anywhere.

  • Size and Rotation: Some decorative items are bigger than 1x1 squares on your home grid and can sometimes be oriented into different directions.

You can acquire items by sending Pixpets on Hoards or buy items on the Item Market. It is also possible to delete items.

6. Brewing/Baking/Refining
Game Menu -> Cooking -> Potion Brewing/Evobars Baking/Refine Ingredients

Brewing/Baking and Refining are methods to interchange consumable items. Up to four ingredients can be mixed together to create a new consumable item. Cooking can take quite some time depending on the method and grade of the ingredients. Potion brewing may take a long time while refining ingredients goes quickly.

Brewing: Brewing results are always Potions. Potions are used to help Pixpets on their hoards, or as ingredients for evobars. If the wrong set of ingredients is chosen, the resulting potion will be useless. Sometimes multiples of ingredients are required for successful brewing. The result potion will have the color of the colored ingredient and the average grade of all ingredients. Potions with a grade of 0 are (mostly) useless.

Baking: Baking results are always Evobars. Evobars are used to evolve or devolve Pixpets. However, an Evobar must have a certain grade to be effective. Evobars don't have an assigned color and are always neutral.

Refining: Refining Ingredients is mostly used to prepare ingredients for either brewing or baking.

Often a recipe requires Basic Ingredients which can be bought directly with Pixcoins under Game Menu -> Cooking -> Buy Basic Ingredients

It is also possible to Combine seeds of the same kind to increase their grade. This option can be found under Game Menu -> Cooking -> Combine Seeds

7. Pumpkin Cultivating
Game Menu -> Cooking -> Pumpkin Cultivating

Pumpkins are important ingredients for most potions and are grown in your garden slots. A bigger garden gives you more pumpkin slots. Each pumpkin product features a color and a grade between 0-100 while 100 is the highest grade.

If you have an empty pumpkin slot, you can use a Fertilizer first. There are many different pumpkin fertilizers with different effects on the pumpkin. After planting, you need to water your pumpkin plant regularly, or it will lose its grade. Once a fully-grown pumpkin plant hits grade 0, it will wither.

Pumpkins have a random chance for the amount of fruits that grow. However, that chance can be increased with Fertilizers.

While growing, a pumpkin plant goes through different stages which feature different pumpkin products. You can harvest Pumpkin Flowers, Proto Pumpkins and Full-Grown Pumpkins. Once you harvest a pumpkin plant, it will be destroyed and you need to plant a new one.

You can obtain pumpkin seeds via Hoards or the Item Market. However, it is not possible to turn fully grown pumpkins into pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins can also be turned into Pixpet Food.

8. Plant Cultivating
Game Menu -> Cooking -> Plant Cultivating

Plant cultivating functions similar to pumpkin cultivating, however there are some important differences. In order to create a plant slot, you need to place a Plant Container (Plant Pot) in your home. The number of plant pots you can place is limited by the size/type of your House.

Plants always give the same harvest amount, however it is possible to double or even quadruple it with fertilizers.

Plants have a grade between 0-100 but not a color. They grow slower than pumpkins, but can be harvested continuously without destroying the plant. Plants need less watering than pumpkins, but will also wither if not watered enough. Contrary to the pumpkins you can only harvest one Plant Product.

You can obtain plant seeds via Hoards or the Item Market. However it is not possible to turn plant products into seeds. Plants products can not be turned into pixpet food either.

9. Item Market
Game Menu -> Market -> Item Market

On the item market you can sell your items via Auctions. You can sell any type of item here. To add an item to the market, you have to go to your Item Inventory and select the item and amount as well as the auction duration. You can only have 5 items on the market at the time. An auction cannot be cancelled and the system will take 3% fees from the winning bid. If an auction is unsuccessful the item will go back to your inventory if there is enough space.

Anytime you bid for an item, the bid will be taken from you temporarily and the previous bidder gets his bid back. If nobody else outbids you until the end of the auction, you will receive the item and your bid goes to the auction host.

You can also watch any auctions by adding them to your auction watchlist under Market -> Item Market Watch. Finished auctions will go to your auction history under Market -> Item Market History.

10. Pixpet Market
Game Menu -> Market -> Pixpet Market

The pixpet market functions very similarly to the item market. However it is only possible to auction off pixpet eggs. Otherwise the same rules apply as for the item market. You can also watch auctions and finished ones will be listed in your history.

11. Housing
Game Menu -> Housing -> My Houses

Your house essentially defines how much space you have for your Pixpets, pumpkins, plants and decorative items. Houses are divided into different House Parts. The bigger the house, the more house parts it has. Each house part can be up to 10x10 (100 tiles) big. House parts are divided into two categories: Inside and Outside which defines what items can be placed in them. Outside house parts like the Front Yard and Backyard hold Pumpkin Slots. The number of Plant Slots is defined by the house type and can vary.

The number of Pixpets each house part can hold depends on the house part type and size. Some house parts cannot hold any Pixpets at all, like the Attic or Basement. Also, some houses have house parts which need to be bought additionally.

You can have multiple houses, but only one of them can be inhabited at a time. To move into a different house, you need to empty your current house completely first. You have two options to buy new houses: Either buy a Brand-New House (Game Menu -> Housing -> Buy New House) or go to the House Market (Game Menu -> Housing -> House Market). However, the number of brand new houses is limited and some may not be available.

You can also sell any vacant house on the house market. Putting a house onto the market will cost you a 10% fee of the current house value. Choose a fixed price and the house can stay on the market for 30 days at max. If your house doesn't get sold it will go back to your house inventory.

It is also possible to abandon a house. In this case it will be deleted.

12. Pixcoins
Game Menu -> PC Amount

Pixcoins are the currency of the game. They can be obtained trough Hoards, Market Sellings, Login Rewards or Interacting with other players Pixpets on their user page. Sometimes special events will be held where you can win more Pixcoins.

In this section you can also find a complete history of all your Pixcoin transactions.
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