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Jun 5th, 2018
Posted: Jun 8th, 2018 - 10:49 PM Post Nr. 1 #417
Quick, basic roleplay that I'll create a campaign for as soon as I find out what we're even doing

Not sure if I want to do this more traditional style, where I'll control NPCs, or get a character of my own and see where the plot takes me.

Most likely I'm going to borrow the worldbuilding of Epyllion bc dragons, but if anyone wants to do anything else please let me know.


Epyllion is by Magpie Games, they're awesome.

Welcome to Dragonia!

The Dragons
Dragons inhabit each and every corner of this huge island, from the driest desert to the coldest mountaintop. Six houses exist to better organize these dragons based on ideals. They rule over the land and build great cities everywhere they go. All are attuned to magic, given to them by the five moons that circle overhead-- the moons of the Void, Liberty, Stone, Spirit, and Storm.

Each dragon is born as a Raw Scaled Drake. They're the size of humans, but can't fly. They, however, have the most raw magical power as they're attuned to all five moons. As they grow, this connection shifts and they start focusing on one moon in particular. Each dragon matures differently, especially if they're different subspecies.

Winged Drakes are able to fly. Adolescent phase. They don't necessarily have wings, such as in the case of Eastern dragons, but are much bigger and much stronger than when they were Raw Drakes. They lose a moon at this stage, but become far more powerful with their remaining moons. They aren't able to necessarily control this power, though.

Long Toothed Dragons are adults. Although they've lost two moons at this point, their connection to the remaining three is highly skilled and controlled. They're the size of houses, though this may vary based on species. They can breathe fire with ease, fly long distances, etc. etc.

There are also Bearded Dragons and Elder Dragons, but our characters will likely not hit that stage. At this point, the dragons have gone past their prime. They're often huge, and tend to be decorated members of their house.

The Houses
There are six houses that dragons are born into, or join. While they cooperate and are on generally friendly terms, old wars have left rifts.

The main house is Brynback, or The House of Steel. They value leadership and political unity, and are dedicated to traditions. They're referred to as "The Noble House", and united all of the other houses long ago.

Kebros, The House of Ruby, is generally considered "The Fallen House" for their behavior a long time ago. They're a house of warriors, who enforce the rule of Brynback and keep peace throughout the land. While they're more loosely organized compared to the other houses, they tend to value dedication, loyalty, and power.

Myndoth, The House of Oak, are scholars. Their habit of trading information and keeping to themselves earned them the name "Keepers of Secrets". They hold alchemical knowledge and rituals and value the pursuit of information, the truth, and a strong sense of morals.

Rothscar, The House of Gold, is both the richest and most artistic house. They are "The Architect House" and build impressive structures all across Dragonia. They generally get on the best with the other houses, and value creativity, peace, and innovation.

Semscale, The House of Jade, is the "House of Many Paths". They are the largest house and dedicate themselves for the good of all of dragonkind. They tend value empathy, teamwork, and individuality.

There is one more House, but it is a sliver of its former self. Tessith, The House of Diamond. "The House Without a Home" nearly lost everything in the old wars. It is the house of wanderers and survivors.

The Moons
The Moons are considered deities in Dragonia, appearing in a draconic form in literature and artwork across the ages. They are mysterious and fickle entities and follow their own agendas.

Void, depicted as a wiry, black serpent with many wings. It is the most mysterious moon and is tied to time and the unknown. It is also considered the most powerful moon.

Liberty, depicted as a beautiful golden Eastern dragon and the hero of many epics. It is the patron of society and a greater good. Despite its popularity, it is the weakest moon.

Stone, depicted as a huge and rugged gray wyrm. It concerns itself with the ground and nature.

Spirit, depicted as a pearly Western. It is associated with thoughts and life. The second strongest moon.

Storm, depicted as a dark gray and blue wyvern. It is tied with the elements and change.

The Shadow
A corrupting, powerful entity that appeared a long time ago. It's able to seep into dragon's hearts and turn them into a dark version of themselves. Those touched by it can use its abilities and magic with far more reliability than the moons.

Other Creatures
A quick note on animals. Animals that are a fantasy hybrid of real life animals, such as griffons, are generally good and may be intelligent. Animals that are standard, such as elephants, birds, ect. are generally bad.

Please don't godmod or powerplay, or create Mary Sues. That's all I ask. Be respectful to others, 'kay?

Character Sheet


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Jun 5th, 2018
Posted: Jun 8th, 2018 - 11:10 PM Post Nr. 2 #418

You are a dragon, forming a group with several others. An Elder Dragon has called your group to request an investigation.


--The Capital
----A huge city on the southwest coast, overlooking a cliff. It's the home of Brynbeck and Kebros, and the seat of power for all of Dragonia.

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Jun 4th, 2018
Posted: Jun 9th, 2018 - 10:14 PM Post Nr. 3 #421
I, the ancient dragon of doom awake and destroy the entire universe by eating it and then die because I ate too much and dissapear apparently. Now the whole existence is no more, the end.
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