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Sunobra Chase - Everything! (2 Posts and 316 Views)
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Jan 30th, 2018
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2 Years ago
Jul 11th, 2019 - 1:23 AM
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Howdy! Snake is a classic oldschool game, and it's been done a billion times. If you've got your eye on the high score table, or just want to know how the game works on a deeper level, let me help you out!

There are 3 modes in Sunobra Chase. No matter what mode you play, you lose if you collide with any wall or plant pot obstacle.

Normal: No additional obstacles, and you lose if you consume three rotten pumpkins.

Hard: There are a few plant pots, and you lose if you consume even one rotten pumpkin.

Extreme: Extra walls and even more plant pots create more obstacles, and you still lose after consuming a single rotten pumpkin.

Playing Field
The playing field is divided into a column/row grid pattern. The Sunobra will only move along columns and rows in the grid, and objects will only spawn in grid cells.

There are 3 speeds for each mode. The base speed is x1. The next two speeds are x3 and x5, three times and five times faster than the base speed, respectively. Each speed tier will determine how fast the Sunobra goes from one cell in the field grid to the next.

There are 16 colors plus an extra Rainbow pumpkin. These are what you collect for your score. Each time you collect a pumpkin, there is a chance that a rotten pumpkin will be placed on the field. Rotten pumpkins do not give a score and they will cause you to lose immediately on Hard or Extreme mode.

Scoring is based on the pumpkin color, mode, and speed.

Normal Mode
Speed x1

Speed x3

Speed x5

All other colors




Hard Mode
Speed x1

Speed x3

Speed x5

All other colors




Extreme Mode
Speed x1

Speed x3

Speed x5

All other colors




Scoring Strategy
Snake strategy is relatively simple and well documented, and Sunobra Chase has obstacles which the original game did not. So instead of going over it from start to finish, here are some pointers more specific to this particular rendition of the game.

1. Make circles
Going in circles will allow you enough wiggle room between the head and tail, up to the perimeter of the field, to move without reaching your tail. Look for a circular path around rotten pumpkins and through the pumpkins you want. Unless you're a robot like in the gif here, there's

And now we'll show you a cartoon. Connecting to server..... No connection. Thanks. Everybody is free to go.

going to be too many obstacles in the middle for you to properly noodle through! If you're lucky, the game won't spawn too many rotten pumpkins, or will clump them together nicely in the middle and leave a clean path around the outside for you to safely collect healthy pumpkins.

2. Difficulty vs. Scoring
Sunobra Chase is not particularly rewarding at higher difficulties. The increased number of obstacles and the punishment of losing after eating one rotten pumpkin isn't worth the relatively small increase in points. In this player's opinion, stick to Normal Mode and play on Speed x3. Speed x5 is just a little too fast to control, and being able to fine-tune the Sunobra's path is critical! On the opposite side, Speed x1 is too slow and unrewarding; for just a little more speed, you get double the points!

3. Arrow Keys
The game's programming does not allow you to hold a key in one direction and then press another direction. The Sunobra will not go a different way unless you release the first key before pressing the second. Practice quickly tapping the arrows individually; being able to turn on a dime can save you in a pinch.

That's all there is! Work hard and maybe you too will be in the high score table someday!

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Apr 14th, 2022
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17 Days ago
Jun 17th, 2022 - 6:59 PM
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Thank you! Very comforting to know finding 5x to be non rewarding and bearly controllable is a shared experience and not me just being bad
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