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Dec 5th, 2017
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A big update to the gallery feature has just been made!

Gallery Updates

All gallery related links can be found trough the forum now under the new gallery tab!

Gallery Links

It is now possible to link to a single gallery image! This makes it much easier to share single submissions. Click on the image title or the new button Comments to reach a gallery submission pages. They will show you who liked/faved an image as well as image comments.

Gallery Comments

It is now possible to leave comments to gallery submissions! Gallery comments count as forum posts and you will also receive forum points for them! The same rules apply to gallery comments as for forum posts of course. They can be edited, quoted and reported. If you lose the right to create forum posts you will also not be able to post gallery comments anymore and vice versa.

Gallery Following

You can follow galleries of other people now! If you follow someone, you will be notified when a person uploads new images (similar to the follow topic feature). You can follow someone by clicking on the button on a public gallery (under Gallery Uploads):

There is now an overview for all people you follow and follow you!
It is called Pixpet Gallery Follower and can be found under Game -> User -> Pixpet Gallery Follower

Forum Messages

All gallery related messages will now appear under Forum Messages and not Game Messages anymore. There are new kinds of notifications now:

  • When you gain a gallery follower.

  • When someone you follow uploads a gallery image.

  • When someone comments on your gallery upload.

  • When someone tags you in a gallery comment.

Popular Artwork Display

The three most popular artworks uploaded in the last Seven Days will now be displayed in the module to the right of the page. Each gallery image has now a thumbnail, so the additional data use is minimal.

The goal of the gallery update is to make more people aware of this feature and the great pixpet artwork that is uploaded every day! It will also increase the focus on the "Network" part of Pixpet (Pixel Pets Network)!

Happy Gallery Commenting!
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