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Egg/Pixinyte Sellback Guide & Prices (8 Posts and 2623 Views)

Dec 24th, 2018
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4 Years ago
Dec 11th, 2019 - 5:30 PM
Nr. 1 #32959 14
Returning pixpet eggs info:

Returning pixpet eggs is a feature in the game where you can directly sell your pixpet eggs back to the server for a predetermined amount of pixcoins. Each egg has a value based on the egg sellback equation: [(100 - rarity)/2] rounded up Returning pixpet eggs can be done directly from a pixpets finish hoard page or from the pixpet egg handling page under the game tab. The amount of pixcoins you will get will show in the quotes on the return egg button.

*Return egg button image above links to the pixpet egg handling page*

This exampe is the sunobra egg return button on the pixpet egg handling page. From the image the + pc 25 means you get 25 pixcoins for returning the egg to the server.

Auction house vs returning eggs

When it comes to making pixcoins off of pixpet eggs you have the option of using the auction house or returning the pixpet egg to the server. When using the auction house you will want to make sure your starting bid is 3% more then the return value or else you will be losing pixcoins selling the pixpet egg through this route. The eggs that are worth selling in the auction house right now are: Albino Colocrow, Albino Xeldron, Colocrow, Krash, Mossatrice, Noo-Long, Shluppbun, Snowko and Xeldron. With the other pixpets eggs you get more pixcoins returning the egg to the server with the exception of pixpets with rare/valuable ID numbers. Though there are a few rare times where someone will overpay for a pixpet egg if they really want that pixpet.

Pixpet egg values(updated as I find more eggs return values)

pixpet name/raritypixpet pixcoin return value

Albino Colocrow(4% super rare)48 PC

Albino Noo-Long(0.8% legendary)50 PC

Albino Xeldron(0.8% legendary)50 PC

Antabir(12% very rare)44 PC

Bloomfer(65% common)18 PC

Brooperi(50% normal) 25 PC

Bullture(3% super rare)49 PC

Cabywara(15% rare)43 PC

Canisqua(30% rare)35 PC

Cappukin(40% normal)30 PC

Crocus Shluppbun(None)25 PC

Colocrow(none)25 PC

Draook(80% common)25 PC

Drax(30% rare)35 PC

Feliphene(30% rare)35 PC

Finngriff(2% legendary)49 PC

Fluffpaxa(20% rare)40 PC

Girafira(6% super rare)47 PC

Gonk(27% rare)37 PC

Gorbath(25% Rare)25 PC

Grumpuin(82% very common)9 PC

Ignix(1% legendary)49 PC

Igupunk(52% normal) 24 PC

Indigoat(75% common) 13 PC

Kaleidophin(1% Legendary) 49 PC

KinFlame(50% Normal/None) 25 PC

Krash(3% super rare) 49 PC

Loppani(2% legendary)49 PC

Lutipaw(28% rare)36 PC

Mossatrice(6% very rare)47 PC

Mobath(65% common)18 PC

Nightshade Sunobra(4% super rare) 48 PC

Noo-Long(1.8% legendary)49 PC

Oecko(22% rare)39 PC

Orchid Shluppbun(15% very rare)25 PC

Owluck(18% very rare) 41 PC

Pandstar(48% normal) 26 PC

Pangox(65% common) 18 PC

Ponyata(4% super rare) 48 PC

Pydeer(14% very rare) 43 PC

Ribbox(50% normal) 25 PC

Rootax(30% rare) 35 PC

Saurospud(6% very rare)47 PC

Sawrotag(40% normal)30 PC

Sealott(55% normal) 23 PC

Shileo(23% rare)39 PC

Shluppbun(none)25 PC

Snowko(1.2% Legendary)49 PC

Sunobra(40% normal) 30 PC

Taivosen(1% Legendary) 49 PC

Taffyglider(47% normal) 27 PC

Techtagon(42% normal) 29 PC

Troffinch(30% rare) 35 PC

Tuxo(50% normal) 25 PC

Unicubb(30% rare)35 PC

Veemooth(65% common) 18 PC

Velibolt(55% normal) 23 PC

Vernavre(1% Legendary) 49 PC

Vinteralgk(50% normal) 25 PC

Vivid Pixpets(None) 50 PC

Wucheimon(1% Legendary) 49 PC

Xeldron(.08% legendary)49 PC

*Pixpet names above link to the pixpet egg auction search with optimal settings, just hit search to update the auction to that particular pixpet egg* Enjoy

Pixpal Pixinyte Sell Prices

pixpal name/raritypixpal pixcoin return value

Alenka(3% Super Rare) 49 PC

Apparisha(30% Rare) 25 PC

Baabalamb(45% Normal) 28 PC

Bamster(15% Very Rare) 43 PC

Beeble(70% Common) 15 PC

Bovoxen(1% Legendary) 50 PC

Capsavier(35% Rare) 33 PC

Caterpedee(60% Common) 20 PC

Cerbarkus(25% Rare) 38 PC

Cinurron(1% Legendary) 50 PC

Cloakhopper(35% Rare) 33 PC

Crestley(15% Very Rare) 43 PC

Crumblet(25% Rare) 38 PC

Dukko(45% Normal) 28 PC

Frigflap(55% Normal) 23 PC

Flitterwing(30% Rare) 35 PC

Garmus(43% Normal) 29 PC

Glizzard(35% Rare) 33 PC

Gomble(65% Common) 18 PC

Hedgemouse (40% Normal) 30 PC

Koaida(25% Rare) 38 PC

Lilleo(75% Common) 13 PC

Leemue(75% Common) 13 PC

Loffen(1% Legendary) 50 PC

Mammu(20% Rare) 40 PC

Maomi(25% Rare) 38 PC

Mimisoar(3% Super Rare) 49 PC

Mistledoe(55% Normal) 23 PC

Mystifly(5% Rare) 48 PC

Octopho(15% Very Rare) 43 PC

Ottileo(25% Rare) 38 PC

Owlusion(40% Normal) 25 PC

Paschalope(45% Normal) 28 PC

Patchitty(35% Rare) 33 PC

Peachikk(65% Common) 18 PC

Piggiporc(25% Rare) 38 PC

Piwikiwi(65% Common) 18 PC

Praerikin(45% Normal) 28 PC

Puppitto(25% Rare) 38 PC

Reindall(35% Rare) 33 PC

Seersoar(10% Very Rare) 45 PC

Smuail(50% Normal) 25 PC

Snek(15% Very Rare) 43 PC

Snoodle(25% Rare) 38 PC

Taivosen(1% Legendary) 50 PC

Talotl(50% normal) 25 PC

Unikin(35% Rare) 33 PC

Wingamus(65% Common) 18 PC

Wivern(1% Legendary) 50 PC

Yolly(35% Rare) 33 PC

Profiting from bidding

With the bid rate auction place update it is possible to profit between 1 - 5 pixcoins per pixpet egg depending on the sell back value of the pixpet egg and the initial starting bid the egg is set to. To easily profit you will want to set your bid so that the bid increment will force the next persons bid to be that of the sell back value. You will want to make a list of the the minimum bids for each pixpet egg to help speed up your bidding profit and feel free to use the links above each pixpet name is setup to go to the action page with the pixpet setup in the search and the list set to organize by price just remember to hit search to have the list update on the page. Here is the link to the market place update that will help you make your minimum bid lists: Market place bid update
Just scroll down to the Market Changes section in the first post for your bid references

One example of a min bid: For a Sunobra egg you will want to bid 25 which would force the next bidder to bid 30 pixcoins. If you win the auction sell the egg back to the server for 5 pixcoin profit.

-Updated the title and added more pixpet eggs to the listing(thanks @BK47)
-Added the pixpet sellback equation(thanks @Megakimbo)
-Added alternating color to make it easier to match to the pc price for the pixpet.
-Linked pixpet names to the marketplace first page, with the pixpet name in the search field and sorted by price. Just hit search to get the results since I couldn't figure out how to hyperlink to the direct search results. Makes it easier for mobile users to search for the pixpet
-Added the rarity to the pixpet egg list
-Added a section on auction house vs returning pixpet eggs
-Updated with Snowko information
-Added a section to teach how to profit from bidding on pixpet eggs.
-Linked the return egg button image to the pixpet egg handling page
-Added info on how to get the pixpet egg searches for each one listed
-Updated the list with Mossatrice information
-Updated the list with Gonk egg information
-Updated the list with Bullture egg information
-Updated the list with Techtagon egg information
-Updated the list with Crocus Shluppbun egg information
(25pc sell back verified by Dreamcrystal)
- Updated the list with Ribbox
- Added General Vivid pixpets list since they are all no rarity and have a sell value of 50 pc
- Added Kinflame with the 50% normal/none rarity since it has the 25 Pc return value
-Updated the list with Saurospud
-Updated the list with Cappukin
-Updated the list with Kaleidophin
-Updated the list with pixpet Gorbath and pixpal Seersoar
- Updated the list for pixpals Alenka, Crestley, Cloakhopper, and Mimisoar
- Updated pixpal list for Mistledoe, Reindall, Garmus, and Yolly
- Updated pixpet list with Vinteralgk
- Update pixpet list with Oecko
- Updated pixpal list with Puppitto and bamster
- updated the pixpet list with Vernavre
- Update the pixpal list with Paschalope, Snoodle, Peachikk
- Updated pixpet list with Brooperi, Orchid Shluppbun
- Updated list with Ignix, Loppani, Praerikin, and Koaida
- Updated the list with Lutipaw, Octopho, Taivosen, and Capsavier
- Updated the list with Cerbarkus, Owlusion, Apparisha
- Updated the list with Wucheimon
- Updated the list with Mammu
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Apr 6th, 2018
Posts: 1564
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4 Years ago
Dec 11th, 2019 - 9:15 PM
Nr. 2 #32963 3

This is a nice guide! I like that you've listed them in alphabetical order.

Also, I gathered the info that you're missing. Big thanks to Wayvern for retrieving Albino Noo-Long's sellback price for me, and Lorie and Jelly for retrieving Xeldron's price.

Unicubb Egg: 35 PC
Mobath Egg: 18 PC
Antabir Egg: 44 PC
Sawrotag Egg: 30 PC
Shluppbun Egg: 25 PC
Girafira Egg: 47 PC
Shileo Egg: 39 PC
Albino Colocrow Egg: 48 PC
Finngriff Egg: 49 PC
Noo-Long Egg: 49 PC
Albino Noo-Long Egg: 50 PC
Xeldron Egg: 49 PC
Albino Xeldron Egg: 50 PC

I'd also like to make a suggestion. You don't have to do this, but I think your guide would be more noticeable if it had a simpler title, like Egg Sellback Guide & Prices. Just something to consider.
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Sep 20th, 2019
Posts: 7
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4 Years ago
Dec 11th, 2019 - 9:54 PM
Nr. 3 #32964 7

If you would like to add this to your original post, the sellback price's equation is the following:

[(100 - rarity)/2] rounded up
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Dec 24th, 2018
Posts: 85
Pixpets: 177
Pixdex: 136
4 Years ago
Dec 12th, 2019 - 4:54 PM
Nr. 4 #32982 5
Thanks for the suggestions ^_^ I updated my guide with the information. I originally made the topic in the morning with limited time so it didn't have everything I wanted to include was more of a rough draft that I planned on editing overtime to improve on and I am not the most creative person when it comes to topic names. Though still have another section I plan to add when I figure out how I want the wording to be for it.

Dec 24th, 2018
Posts: 85
Pixpets: 177
Pixdex: 136
4 Years ago
Feb 13th, 2020 - 10:01 PM
Nr. 5 #34648 2
Added a section for those that want to learn how to profit from bidding on pixpet eggs with the incremental bid system. Have a fun time making that 1 - 5 pixcoin profit and I expect to see more competition on the market place

Dec 24th, 2018
Posts: 85
Pixpets: 177
Pixdex: 136
3 Years ago
Jan 9th, 2021 - 8:31 PM
Nr. 6 #38647
Updated the list to include Techtagon market place link and server sell back value

Dec 24th, 2018
Posts: 85
Pixpets: 177
Pixdex: 136
2 Years ago
Nov 8th, 2021 - 1:05 AM
Nr. 7 #41878
Updated with KinFlame. Though the Egg has a rarity of 80% right now the 25 PC return value means the rarity will be at around 50% normal or none as the rarity after the event.

Dec 24th, 2018
Posts: 85
Pixpets: 177
Pixdex: 136
1 Year ago
Jun 5th, 2022 - 1:22 PM
Nr. 8 #44928 2
Updated the guide with a section with all the Pixpal Pixinyte server sellback values.
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